#SmallStone: Day Six

Small Stone: Flock of Robins

Walking the dogs at Colorado State University this morning, making our way through a stand of trees next to some of the campus greenhouses, we are swarmed by a flock of Robins. We try to count them, but getting an accurate number is difficult, as they flit from branch to branch, fly from tree to tree, mostly won’t stay still, but our guess is there are between 15 and 25. I have never seen so many in one place, together. I am amazed, and happy, and a tiny bit sad, without needing to explain any of it.

4 thoughts on “#SmallStone: Day Six

  1. Barb

    Hello Jill, I noticed when I posted my stone for today that you are from CO, so thought I’d pay your blog a visit. I live in Breckenridge and even seeing one robin in the middle of summer is a treat for me. It’s been so cold here in the mountains, but if you’re already seeing flocks of robins, does that mean spring is on the way? I hope not – we need more snow!

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Barb, I have noticed there are more Robins this year, kept thinking to myself “isn’t it too early for them to be around?” and today’s flock, well I can’t explain that even if it weren’t winter. And yes, we need much more snow! We were so happy “down here” to have a white Christmas this year.


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