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From our garden

1. The Biggest Little Farm [Official Trailer]. We saw this movie yesterday, and really liked it. In related news, Why Breakout Documentary ‘The Biggest Little Farm’ Didn’t Sell to Netflix, from Poop to Nuts and the Apricot Lane Farms website.

2. What is your Trauma Protector Profile? an online quiz from Nona Jordan. “Your Trauma Protector Profile describes the way that residual trauma or toxic stress unconsciously prevents you from moving forward with meaningful change in your life or your business. There are 5 different Profiles: take the quiz to see which one describes you and receive holistic strategies for healing to move forward with your biggest intentions.”

3. 3 Types Of Burnout That Will All But Kill You.

4. 4 Pitfalls Of The INFJ Personality (And How To Avoid Them).

5. Susanna Bauer’s Instagram account where she posts pictures of her art, particularly crocheted leaves.

6. Praxis of Liberation, a workshop being offered by Desiree Adaway in Seattle and Denver/Boulder.

7. IF YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT TRUMP IS DOING AT THE BORDER, you need to read and share this thread.

8. How Colorado Halved Abortion and Teen Birth Rates. “The decline is happening across the country, and it’s about more than just contraceptives.”

9. Michigan Department Of Corrections To Pay $860K To Family Of Woman Whose Suicide Prison Guards Bet On.

10. And How Are the Children?: Protecting Our Black Queer Youth at All Costs.

11. ‘Family is people that love and support you, it’s not always your bloodline.’ (video) “Travis was disowned by his parents at 17 for being gay. Now he works to help others at the same LGBTQ+ org that saved him from homelessness.”

12. Costco shooting: Man killed by off-duty officer had an intellectual disability, cousin says. Whatever happened to this officer and his son was NO reason to murder someone.

13. This Bracelet From Amazon Shocks You If You Eat Too Much Fast Food Or Spend Too Much Money. I don’t believe in shock collars for dogs, so this seems like a stupid idea.

14. The Youngest Child Separated From His Family at the Border Was 4 Months Old on The New York Times. In related news, An Expert on Concentration Camps Says That’s Exactly What the U.S. Is Running at the Border and Teen Mom And Prematurely Born Baby Neglected At Border Patrol Facility For 7 Days.

15. Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain has suffered with anxiety ever since being severely bullied at school. (video)

16. The severe floods soaking the Midwest and Southeast are not letting up.

17. Watch #AskAlexa help Tig Notaro identify Julie Bowen. This video series is hilarious.

18. Tales Of The City co-stars read Armistead Maupin’s Letter To Mama. (video) “More than 30 years after it was published, Armistead Maupin’s Letter To Mama is still so powerful that Laura Linney, Ellen Page, and their Tales Of The City co-stars can barely get through reading it without crying.”

19. Wild Elephant Brings Her New Baby To Meet The People Who Saved Her Life. “It’s been eight years, but she still remembers how they helped her.” In related news, Every night this orphaned baby elephant sleeps next to a guy who makes him feel safe (video).

20. “Booksmart” is an Earnest, Affirming Fantasy of Feelings.

21. “Chasing Butterflies” (Song for my dog). (video) “This is a song I wrote for my dog ‘Keys’ who got diagnosed with Lymphoma. He passed away Monday, November 28, 2016.” We lost our first dog, Obi, to lymphoma.

22. The gift of a foster parent. (video) “When Aurora, Colo., middle school math teacher Finn Lanning learned his 13-year-old student Damien, who was in foster care, needed a kidney transplant, the confirmed bachelor decided to do something: become a foster parent.”

23. Recipe I want to try: toasted marshmallow milkshake from (surprise, surprise) Smitten Kitchen.

24. Handwritten 19th-Century Color Guide Poetically Describes Where Shades Are Found in Nature.

25. Baby flamingo dancing in the water. (video) Who knew baby flamingos were so fluffy and ridiculous and perfect?

26. 6 Ways to Teach Yoga With Less Cultural Appropriation. Want to know what it looks like to teach yoga with MORE cultural appropriation (i.e. the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture, oftentimes with the intent of gaining unearned social or economical capital)? Check out Noga Movement, where they take an over 2500 year old practice and strip it of everything they don’t like so they can repackage it how they want and make some money off of it.

27. Target Cash Registers Back Online After Chaotic Nationwide Tech Failure.

28. Taraji P. Henson Spoke To Congress On Black Mental Health: ‘We Don’t Even Talk About It.’

29. I’m Gay – Eugene Lee Yang. (video) “Eugene comes out as gay in his original, deeply personal music video, featuring music by ODESZA.”

30. Central Park 5 prosector Linda Fairstein melts down over ‘When They See Us’ backlash. “Fairstein has had nearly two decades to learn from her role in the Central Park Five tragedy. Instead, she sees herself as the victim of a smear job.” In related news, Ken Burns wants all of us to remember Donald Trump’s extreme response to the Central Park Five case. (video)

31. This Guy Photoshopped Himself Into His Childhood Pics To Hang Out With His Younger Self.

32. Tina Turner: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

33. KCPD poured out grandmother’s ashes in dirt during arrest; family seeks apology.

34. The U.S. white majority will soon disappear forever.

35. New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End’ Starting in 2050. In related news, White House blocked intelligence agency’s written testimony calling climate change ‘possibly catastrophic.’

36. New video shows a deranged cop threatening to shoot a Black mother dead because her 4-year-old toddler “stole” a Barbie from a dollar store. In related news, Family to sue Phoenix PD for $10 million over officers’ response to shoplifting incident, police respond, and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Announces Plans To Help Phoenix Couple Involved In Excessive Force Case, and Phoenix Mayor Apologizes After Police Draw Gun On Family After Child Takes Doll.

37. Knox County Sheriffs Detective Grayson Fritts – also a pastor – calls for the government to arrest and execute LGBTQ People. (video) In related news, Pastor says he wishes ‘every homo would die’ at Make America Straight Again and ‘Make America Straight Again’ conference held on Pulse shooting anniversary.

38. ‘Horrific and Barbaric’: Here’s What We Know About the Human Rights Crisis in Sudan. In related news, Everything You Need To Know About The Violent Massacre Happening In Sudan.

39. ‘They Were So Beautiful’: Remembering Those Murdered In Orlando.

40. what if you already knew? The more people who can make this shift and thus allow it for others, the better: “I’ve been experimenting with foods and movement and rest and self-care, and taking a moment to think about how each thing I try makes me feel. And if I feel good, then I keep doing it. If I don’t feel good, I stop.”

41. Kappa Alpha Psi Brother Opens Wellness Studio in Brooklyn That Helps Black Men Deal With Anxiety and Depression.

42. Rare, “rainbow” blanket octopuses were caught on camera off the coast of Romblon, Philippines. (video) No matter what you think you know, you don’t know everything.

43. An Arizona Teacher Helped Migrants. Jurors Couldn’t Decide if It Was a Crime. On The New York Times.

44. A Black, Queer, Homeless Portlander Was Found Hanging from a Tree. Police Say It’s Suicide. Her Family Disagrees.

45. Kamau Bell: Standing Rock changed how I see America.

46. The Key to a Perfect Summer Is Making Absolutely Zero Plans.

47. Fatphobia Is Ruining My Female Friendships.

48. Writer Roxane Gay talks about conveying queer representation through her work, the critical reception of “World of Wakanda” and the songs that make her feel proud. (video)

49. Not seeing myself in any of my high school reading changed me more than you’d think.

50. A Nike Store In London Received Backlash After Installing Plus Size Mannequins.

51. On Alabama’s Dark History of Brutalizing Black Women’s Bodies.

52. Embassies worldwide are defying Trump & flying the Pride flag without permission.

53. The Best New Podcasts of 2019.

54. The FBI Admits Black Lives Matter Was Never a Threat. It’s White People You Should Be Worried About.

55. What 10,000 Steps Will Really Get You. “A clever bit of marketing has obscured the more nuanced nature of human well-being.”

56. NYPD Union Lawyers Claim Eric Garner Would’ve Died Anyway Due to Obesity. WTF?! Apparently now fatphobia justifies murder…

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