Something Good

Even though they got beat down by the hailstorm last week, we have ripe strawberries today!

1. African Americans literally created Memorial Day. Here’s how it went down. (video) In related news, Forgetting Why We Remember on The New York Times, and The Untold Story Of Memorial Day: Former Slaves Honoring And Mourning The Dead, and A town of freed slaves — on Robert E. Lee’s old estate — was destroyed to make Arlington cemetery.

2. Rachel Dolezal facing 15 years in prison for her “white” lies.

3. How a dandelion transforms. (video)

4. Colin Kaepernick vs. Tim Tebow: A tale of two Christians on their knees. In related news, Police Killed At Least 378 Black Americans From The Moment Colin Kaepernick Protested, and The NFL Will Fine Players Who Protest During Anthem, Proving White Tears Matter More Than Black Lives, and Nate Boyer, military vet who convinced Colin Kaepernick to kneel for anthem, disses NFL’s new policy.

5. Federal officials have lost track of nearly 1,500 immigrant and refugee children. (video) This Twitter thread gives an important clarification about the issue. Also, in related news, Neglect & Abuse of Unaccompanied Children by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

6. Who’s Sorry This Week? Jason Bateman, Morgan Freeman, Milwaukee police and other public apologies. In related news, Women accuse Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, harassment, and Jeffrey Tambor is Trash: Talent and Genius Doesn’t Justify Abuse.

7. Ireland has changed utterly: the cruel eighth amendment is history.

8. Sweet Potato And Chickpea Salad. I’m making this tomorrow.

9. Photographer Shoots Epic Battle Between Fox And Eagle Over Rabbit, And It Gets More And More Epic With Each Photo.

10. Meet Fred. He’s a 10-year-old labrador with an important job: He’s the adopted dad for nine orphaned ducklings! (video)

11. While Flint continues to struggle, Michigan is allowing Nestle to pump and sell millions of gallons of water for next to nothing. (video)

12. This Donald Trump subreddit has been fully taken over by Donald Glover fans.

13. A border patrol agent detained two women for speaking Spanish at the grocery store. In related news (i.e. cops or border control agents or ICE doing stupid, violent things), Indigenous Guatemalan woman shot dead by US Border Patrol, and New Jersey cop caught on camera punching 20-year-old woman drinking beer during beach arrest, and 2 Mississippi Police Officers Fired After Brutally Beating, Kicking Black Man.

14. Man Coping With Dementia Falls In Love With A Rescue Dog. (video) “When this neglected dog was rescued, he didn’t know how to act around people. All Louis needed was love, and so his foster mom got an idea — she introduced him to her dad, who suffers from dementia. Today on Soulmates, watch how Louis and his dad immediately clicked, helped each other cope and started loving every minute they get to spend together.”

15. Malian Migrant Gets French Citizenship After Saving Child Dangling From a Balcony.

16. Donald Trump Says ‘Our Ancestors Tamed a Continent’ and ‘We Are Not Going to Apologize for America.’ This is what white supremacy looks like.

17. Kalief Browder Took His Own Life, but the System Murdered Him.

18. White women are using the police to terrorize people of color. It’s got to stop. (video)

19. The recent mass shootings in the US all have one thing in common: misogyny. In related news, What is an ‘incel?’ A look at the anti-women movement behind multiple terror attacks.

20. You can’t please everyone, wisdom from Seth Godin. Also this, Does it help?

21. 3 thoughts on a decade of publishing books from Austin Kleon.

22. What advice do you wish you’d gotten when you graduated from college? 25 TED speakers answer.

23. Great Big Story’s YouTube page. “Great Big Story is a global media company devoted to cinematic storytelling. Headquartered in New York, with bureaus in London and Stockholm, our studios create and distribute micro docs and short films, as well as series for digital, social, TV and theatrical release. Since our launch in late 2015, our producers have traveled to more than 100 countries to discover the untold, the overlooked and the flat-out amazing.”

24. Disrupting Bail: An Innovative Criminal Justice Reform Idea Gains Momentum—And Funders.

25. How Trump’s nativist tweets overlap with anti-Muslim and anti-Latino hate crimes. “Words matter. Heated political rhetoric, especially derogatory language toward groups of people, can create all kinds of unintended consequences, including sometimes physical violence.”

26. The SPLC strongly opposes the suggestion this week by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos that schools can report undocumented students to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Me too.

27. CrossFit Gym Confuses Fat Shaming With Advertising from Dances with Fat. In related news, Weight Bias is Not In Your Head…and that’s probably not a reason to diet from Isabel Foxen Duke.

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