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Gratitude Friday

1. The color of Robin’s eggs. Eric was able to sneak this photo of the ones in the nest in our lilac bush this morning. I love that something I planted is now keeping this tiny family safe and comfortable, and that there will hopefully be four more robins in the world because of it.

2. Morning walks. Even better, one of them this week was a hike, and Sam and I got to go along. I’ve also done two walks this week without my knee braces.

Post hike nap.

3. I can swim! During my lesson yesterday, I swam on both my belly and my back, with no props. I also floated, which I wasn’t sure I could do, (the secret is relaxing and letting go, duh). Today when we went to the pool, I showed Eric what I could do and was pretty proud of myself. I’m not gonna lie, for at least part of the time I’m still thinking “I’m going to die” but for some of it I can actually allow some joy.

4. My tiny family. This week I made sure to take pictures of Sam, which means I got a few more of him than of Dexter.

5. This tiny human. Her mom was also one of my very favorite babies ever.

Bonus joy: going to lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant and eating so many appetizers that 90% of my actual meal came home with us and I wasn’t even hungry for dinner and then Eric and I split the leftovers for lunch today (that’s like three meals for the price of one), my coneflowers and lilies are blooming, after I’m done writing this post I’m going to get in bed to read and probably take a nap, going to the movies with Eric (we saw The Incredibles 2, Baby Jack was my favorite, that and the little kids in our row laughing hysterically), a big glass of cold clean water, air conditioning (it was 100 degrees here yesterday), my new race flippers for swimming, how quiet it is swimming on my back across the pool, Pilates, Wild Writing, being able to cross “clean out the garage” off the to-do list (until next time), meditating and writing in the morning, how cool it is in the morning with the whole house fan on even when it gets so hot during the day, how soft the dogs are after getting a bath, good books, good (and dumb so you don’t have to work too hard) movies, one of my favorite podcasts in season again (Put Your Hands Together, a comedy show hosted by Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher), Pop Tarts, good food and giggles with good friends.

Three Truths and One Wish

1. Truth: We went on a short hike this morning. All of us, the whole tiny family. This is a big deal, because Sam hasn’t been able to go since he injured himself almost six months ago. He’s up to walking 3.5 miles a day and his amazing lovely wonderful physical therapy vet told us at our last visit she thought he was ready to try a hike, so this morning we did. We went to Mount Margaret, up by Red Feather Lakes, one of our favorite places. We saw hummingbirds and butterflies, a deer and a marmot, a herd of cattle and lots of chipmunks, and two gorgeous dogs that reminded me of our Obi. It was already warm because it’s going to be close to 100 degrees here today, but it was lovely. The other thing to celebrate about this hike is I did it without wearing my knee braces. I’ve been feeling stronger, and like I could do it without them, and I was right.

2. Truth: As humans we are wired to seek out the danger in our environment. Long ago this was absolutely necessary to our survival. We needed to watch for predators and be careful of various poisonous things and mindful of the weather, etc. There is a small, old, deep part of our brain that is still doing this work even now, which explains some of the mystery anxiety we often feel. That is simply the context you need for what I really want to point out — even though we are wired this way, the tiniest beautiful thing can cheer us up, stay with us for a very long time. The whole world can be going to hell in a hand basket, and yet seeing a hummingbird beating its wings like mad against the blue sky can buoy us, remind us that while nothing is okay, somehow everything is fine.

3. Truth: Mid-summer for me and the beginning of summer according to the calendar is always shadowed by sadness and anxiety. Dexter died five years ago today and I still miss him like crazy. It gets stupid hot here. I’m only just coming out of the funk that lingers after I stop working when the anxiety of having to go back hits me. I have so much to write about and at the same time I want to stay quiet and still, would rather read than publish anything. Not only are things not getting crossed off my to-do list, things have been added. I feel awake enough to my life to know that I’m not doing what I “should,” (although that will be changing). It’s a strange mix of rest and worry.

One wish: No matter where we are or what our obstacles, may we notice the tiny moments of joy, collect them and carry them with us, hold them close and not give up.

The sweetest boy, on his last day

The sweetest boy, on his last day

Something Good

Disclaimer: This list isn’t about making you feel good, but rather inspiring you to be good, do good, spread the good around.

1. A bunch of really good stuff from Rachel Cargle. In particular, the first link in the list, which gives you the option to buy and download her recent “Unpacking White Feminism” talk.

2. The Belly Love Podcast from Rachel Cole.

3. Can’t Stop Binge-Eating? Here’s WHY and how to stop from Isabel Foxen Duke.

4. The Four Noble Truths Of Love, a new book from Susan Piver. She’s been teaching this topic for a few years, and it suggests such an important shift in how we “do” love, so I’m really excited to read the book.

5. The jerk fallacy, wisdom from Seth Godin. More wisdom from Seth: The two simple secrets to good ideas.

6. Koko The Gorilla Dies; Redrew The Lines Of Animal-Human Communication. In related news, Koko The Gorilla Has Died And People Are Sharing Their Favorite Stories. I loved her kindness and sense of humor most.

7. Living Radical Dharma, a retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center that I might really need to attend.

8. 40 Summer Journaling Prompts from Marc and Angel Hack Life.

9. Should we expect more from health & wellness professionals? Wisdom from Melissa Toler.

10. Hannah Gadsby’s comedy special Nanette is streaming on Netflix. I finished watching this last night. It’s amazing — so heartbreaking and smart and raw and yes, funny.

Here’s her recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers.

11. Why Are Doctors Trying to Guess Fat Patients’ Weight? on Dances with Fat.

12. Red Table Talk. “Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter Willow, and mother Adrienne – three generations of women open their home for a series of candid conversations with family and friends. Follow Red Table Talk for new episodes, only on Facebook Watch.”

13. Sarah Sanders is upset because a restaurant wouldn’t serve her. She’s okay with it happening to gays.

14. This man with autism creates sculptures using Babybel cheese wax. (video)

15. More people should know about the awful bounty system that paid settlers to kill Native Americans. (video) This is who we are.

16. These activists blasted ICE on a billboard outside San Francisco. (video)

17. Melania Trump and everyone who claims there was no hidden message from her jacket can get the FOH. (video) In related news, Trump: Melania’s jacket ‘refers to the Fake News Media’ and Melania Trump, Agent of Coat Chaos on The New York Times, and A brief (fascist) history of ‘I don’t care’.

18. The Oppression of White America. In related news, White People Are Cowards, and 40 Ways White People Say ‘White People’ Without Actually Saying ‘White People’.

19. White Ohio Cop Fired for Detaining Daughter’s Black Boyfriend for No Reason: ‘We’ll Make Shit Up as We Go.’ In related news, A racist man just told a black doctor that she didn’t belong in her own community while blocking her from entering her home! (video)

20. Tiny dancer. (video)

21. I Transitioned From Female To Male In The Military. (video)

22. This Cherokee teen’s school would not allow him to wear official tribal attire at his graduation ceremony. (video)

23. Dogs on trampolines. (video)

24. Here’s What You Should Do If A Service Dog Approaches You Without Its Owner.

25. Free laundry day. (video) “Did you know having clean clothes has a major impact on how we feel? See how this 14-year-old is making a difference in her community.”

26. Trump Executive Order Makes Border Crisis Worse. In related news, This man begged ICE to stay in jail rather than be deported (video), and Fact-Checking Family Separation, and Immigration is being used as a tool to exert racism against those who want to come into the United States (video), and ‘Pro-Life,’ Pro-Family Groups Are MIA On Family Separations At The Border, and This is a devastated Rachel Maddow upon getting the breaking news that Trump has established detention centers for babies who’ve been forcefully taken from their parents (video), and The Outrage Over Family Separation Is Exactly What Stephen Miller Wants, and Stephen Miller was one of the main advocates for President Trump’s plan to separate immigrating children from their parents at the border — here’s how he seeped into the White House (video), and Hickenlooper signs executive action barring Colorado resources from being used to separate immigrant families, and ACLU Sues ICE For Allegedly Separating ‘Hundreds’ Of Migrant Families. Here’s another terrifying turn this has taken: Scanning immigrants’ old fingerprints, U.S. threatens to strip thousands of citizenship.

27. A police officer ended this 17-year-old boy’s life by shooting him three times in the back, even though he was unarmed. (video) Officer Michael Rosfeld, who murdered Antwon Rose, was FIRED in January from the University of Pittsburgh Police Dept. He was repeatedly violent and falsified reports. He murdered Antwon Rose three hours after being sworn in at another department.

28. This device turns a wheelchair into a scooter. (video)

29. Gun Chick Posts Beach Selfie Praising Trump While Unknowingly Disrespecting The American Flag.

30. Juneteenth. (video) In related news, Here’s why we should make Juneteenth a national holiday. (video)

31. A homeless, dying man is separated from his only family member – when a paramedic finds out who it is, she takes matters into her own hands. (video)

32. U.S. Announces Its Withdrawal From U.N. Human Rights Council.

33. People won’t stop trashing Mount Everest. (video) This is why we can’t have nice things.

34. We can literally name at least 100 Americans who needed the compassion and patience shown to this man in Thailand. (video)

35. Researchers have ditched the autism-vaccine hypothesis. Here’s what they think actually causes it.

36. This CPR-performing puppy is the most adorable life saver ever. (video)

37. “Auntie Debra” doles out a heaping helping of hospitality even after lunch hour ends.

Gratitude Friday

1. Farmer’s market flowers. I know I’ve said it before, but my goal is to have a garden like she does where I can make bouquets like these for myself all season long. Maybe this summer I’ll get up the courage to ask if I can come to her house for a tour. She’s an art teacher, and my theory is that’s why her stuff is so gorgeous — she has an eye for it.

2. Insurance. Sometimes it feels like you pay and pay for nothing, and then a single hailstorm comes along, lasts less than 20 minutes but ruins your roof and both cars and you are happy to have paid because now you need the pay out and the help.

3. The robin and her babies who are living in our lilac bushes survived the storm. One of those balls of hail could have easily killed her or knocked her nest to the ground, but she’s still there, sitting happily on her brood. Our garden got through this storm okay too.

4. Ringo and Sam. Somehow neither Eric nor I took a single picture of Sam this week, but here’s one of silly Ringo.

5. Eric. Two introverts form a mostly functional adult. Thank goodness, because this week felt like we were adulting all over the place.

Bonus joy: swimming lessons (this week I swam on my back, with the help of a buoy and some flippers, and it was actually fun), yoga, aqua aerobics, clean sheets, naps, rain and cooler days, morning walks (Sam is up to 3.5 miles a day!), texting, Wild Writing, clean water, a warm shower and a clean towel, good books, going to the movies with Eric, Pop Tarts (sometimes it’s exactly what you need), strawberries from our garden.

Something Good

1. This sprinter ran through a rainbow tunnel for Pride Month. (video) In related #BlackGirlMagic news, Not only is this young girl taking on the boys in motocross, she’s on her way to becoming the first-ever champ from Africa. (video)

2. Immigration horror stories: Reporters Visit Another Texas Facility Where Children Are Kept In Cages, and Worker at Migrant Kids Shelter Quits After Being Told to Enforce No Hugs Rule, and Texas now has a tent city for immigrant children separated from their families at the border (video), and ICE Plans to Start Destroying Records of Immigrant Abuse, Including Sexual Assault and Deaths in Custody, and Congresswoman: Migrant Mothers She Met In Detention ‘Have No Idea’ Where Kids Are, and Farmworkers In California Fearful After Immigrant Couple Dies While Fleeing ICE, and Trump keeps blaming Democrats for his own policy of family separation, and How Trump’s family separation policy became what it is today, and The Government Has No Plan for Reuniting the Immigrant Families It Is Tearing Apart.

In related news, Trump Administration Launches Effort to Strip Citizenship From Those Suspected of Naturalization Irregularities, and this related Twitter thread, and this video of a recent White House Press Conference, and America has a haunting history of tearing apart non-white families (video), and ‘Barbaric’: America’s cruel history of separating children from their parents.

If you are as outraged as me, Here’s How You Can Help Fight Family Separation at the Border, and How To Help Families Separated At The Border, and Here’s How You Can Help Fight Family Separation at the Border, and Hundreds of protesters gathered outside of a federal detention center to demand Trump stop separating immigrant families (video).

3. People being assholes to other people: ER Doctor Suspended After Mocking Patient Suffering From Anxiety Attack, and Florida Police Officer Resigns After Being Caught on Camera Calling Black Man a ‘Piece of Shit [N-Word],’ and This man harassed a Black mother vacationing with her 5-year-old daughter about hygiene because he was concerned about diseases in a hotel pool (video), and Video Shows Border Patrol SUV Hitting Native American Man, Then Driving Away on The New York Times, and Man harassing people in the Beacon Hill Community in Seattle (video), and White Man Who Trashed Homeless Black Man’s Belongings Arrested on Suspicion of 1st-Degree Robbery, and Florida (St. Petersburg) Republican Mayoral Candidate Paul Congemi just left his constituents speechless with this disgusting rant (video).

4. Why whyte women terrify me: Trumpism Finds a Safe Space at Conservative Women’s Conference on The New York Times, and Missouri Waitress Fired Over ‘N-Word Hunting’ Video Swears She Isn’t Racist, Claims to Have Black Friends.

5. Stephen Miller is the latest insufferable liar and bigot on Team Trump.

6. An Editorial Cartoonist Was Fired For His Anti-Trump Art, Here Are The Cartoons His Paper Refused To Publish.

7. Rose-Colored Glasses: A Confession.

8. In secret, an imposter signs up for Boston Marathon… when a race official finds out he immediately attacks. (video)

9. My friend Susie made this beautiful painting (video), “I woke up today completely despondent about our country, and the current situation at our border with Mexico. Families are being ripped apart. This is not the first time our country has perpetrated this kind of horror and harm on people who are ‘other’…other than white, other than affluent, other than privileged. And it offends me and breaks my heart and makes me feel completely impotent. So today I went to my easel to paint out my pain.”

10. Spiritual White People: Do we really want to help heal humanity? Or are we full of sh*t?

11. Watch Painfully Shy 13-Year-Old Singer Slay On ‘America’s Got Talent’. I’m such a sucker for these videos.

12. These kinetic wind sculptures will hypnotize you (video).

13. 35 LGBTQ Wedding Photos That Are The Definition Of Pure Joy.

14. Artist Searches For Her Childhood Bully On Facebook, Doesn’t Expect To Find This.

15. The Journey Through Loss and Grief, a TED Talk. “In her brutally honest, ironically funny and widely read meditation on death, “You May Want to Marry My Husband,” the late author and filmmaker Amy Krouse Rosenthal gave her husband Jason very public permission to move on and find happiness. A year after her death, Jason offers candid insights on the often excruciating process of moving through and with loss — as well as some quiet wisdom for anyone else experiencing life-changing grief.”

16. Someone Is Tweeting Hilariously Wrong “Wheel Of Fortune” Answers, And We Can’t Get Enough.

17. Summer recipe I want to try: Honey Mustard Chicken Salad.

18. Mother Dog Is So Happy To See Her Puppies All Grown Up. (video)

19. ‘Queer As Folk’ Cast Reunites For The First Time In 13 Years. cried so hard when this show ended, loved the British version too.

20. High school pitcher holds off celebrating so he can console childhood friend.

21. LISTEN to this 13 year old boy sing this song. (video)

22. Watch Cameron Esposito’s Rape Jokes. “Rape Jokes is a standup special about sexual assault from a survivor’s perspective. Proceeds benefit RAINN, the United States’ largest anti-sexual violence organization.”

23. Setting Free The Sacred Cows Of Writing Advice from Chuck Wendig.

24. 10,000 Buddhas and Counting on Lion’s Roar. “Inspired by ancient Buddhist artwork on cave walls, Amanda Giacomini set out on a mission to paint 10,000 Buddhas all over America. Lilly Greenblatt tells her story.”

25. How far behind? from Seth Godin.

26. 4 Powerful Strengths of the Introverted Teacher.

27. Wisdom from Pema Chödrön,

But it’s not impermanence per se, or even knowing we’re going to die, that is the cause of our suffering, the Buddha taught. Rather, it’s our resistance to the fundamental uncertainty of our situation. Our discomfort arises from all of our efforts to put ground under our feet, to realize our dream of constant okayness. When we resist change, it’s called suffering. But when we can completely let go and not struggle against it, when we can embrace the groundlessness of our situation and relax into its dynamic quality, that’s called enlightenment, or awakening to our true nature, to our fundamental goodness. Another word for this is freedom—freedom from struggling against the fundamental ambiguity of being human.

28. Wisdom from Francis Bacon, “Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake.”

29. Resisting Fatphobia (A Social Justice Perspective on Size) from Isabel Foxen Duke.

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. Sam is up to a 2.5 mile walk in the morning, so we’ve been going together more often, all four of us, then one of the humans takes Ringo a few more miles.

2. Blooms, in our garden and elsewhere. Decades ago someone made the decision to plant climbing roses below our front window. It makes no sense and every year, I cut them way back and swear I’m going to try and move them or just get rid of them, but then they bloom and I don’t have the heart to do anything but thank them. The tall white irises below were given to me by my friend Ann, moved from her garden to mine the summer before she died. It makes me stupid happy to see them thriving, coming alive and blooming every year. And my garden goal of having something blooming from the beginning of the season to the end seems to be almost fully achieved.

3. Practice. Saving my life, keeping me sane, calming me down, helping me to cultivate courage and compassion.

4. Sam and Ringo. Sam is slowly and surely getting better. I still can’t tell if he’ll go back to being able to run 10 miles, go on a 14 mile hike, jump into the back of the big rig with confidence, or if I’ll ever stop watching him so close, trying so hard to keep him from getting hurt again, worrying about him, but I’m so grateful that he’s not in as much pain and he’s able to get around like a regular dog. Ringo is a contradiction of sweet and crazed, and I love that about him even as he’s driving me crazy.

5. Eric. He’s the best. He made a pie yesterday, spends every morning watering the garden and weeding, takes such good care of all of us and makes me laugh.

Bonus joy: a robin made a nest in our lilac bush (see picture below), swimming lessons, aqua aerobics, napping, strawberries from our garden, an afternoon thunderstorm, Wild Writing, texting, reading, good TV, going to the movies with Eric, clean sheets, catching up with the laundry, a pay raise at work, butterflies, sitting in the sauna, going out to lunch.

Something Good

Throwback to the year that robin made a nest in one of the trees in our backyard

1. RIP Anthony Bourdain. Anthony Bourdain, Renegade Chef Who Reported From the World’s Tables, Is Dead at 61 and Tony Was a Symphony’: Friends and Fans Remember Anthony Bourdain on The New York Times.

2. Stretching, wisdom from Seth Godin.

3. Listen to ‘Dear Sugars’: Trust Your Body — With Hilary Kinavey & Dana Sturtevant on The New York Times.

4. Why The Audacity of White Feminism Is The Core of White Supremacy.

5. A Life of Peacefulness on Zen Habits. Also, A Guide to a Life of Purpose.

6. Summer reading assignment from Austin Kleon.

7. 4 INFJ Needs That You Shouldn’t Ignore.

8. Is It Wrong To Shame Shamers? from Dances with Fat. Because this, “People are allowed to believe whatever they want. But when they try to turn their personal beliefs into actions that harm you and/or harm others, you have every right to speak up and fight back.”

9. 5 ways Buddhist communities can take part in social change on Lion’s Roar.

10. Morcheeba has a new album out, Blaze Away. Their album Big Calm is still one of my favorites.

11. People being racist assholes (and this was just this week, just a sampling): Racist Missouri Waitress Fired After ‘N——r Hunting’ Video, and Racist lady attacks Hispanic woman at the mall because she dared to have blonde hair (video), and Racist lady harasses Hispanic shoppers checking out at the supermarket (video), and Star Wars has a white male fandom problem, and Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran faced so much racism and sexism that she had to leave Instagram (video), and and Trump’s deportation force was just exposed using a trick right out of the Nazi playbook, and A family was separated at the border, and this distraught father took his own life, and Woman Describes Border Patrol Agents Abuse Of Power After Ugly Confrontation On A Bus, and UPS Employee Fired After Posting That Black ‘Thugs’ Deserve Police Violence, and Florida Man Sets Black Neighbor’s ‘Flashy’ Car on Fire, Calls Him Racial Slur: Report, and Student From Iowa Killed 3 Weeks After ICE Sent Him Back To Mexico, and Food Truck Worker Hurls Bottle, Racial Epithet at Black Woman After She Tries to Pay With Change, and Ben Carson Backs Off Newest HUD Plan, Which Would Raise Rent for Poor Households by 20 Percent, and Chicago Police Defend Handcuffing 10-Year-Old Boy Mistaken For Armed Teen, and When My Neighbors Called the Cops on Me, and White Teacher Makes Instagram Post Mocking Black Elementary Student’s Hair, and CrossFit’s Spokesman Fired After Saying LGBT Pride Is A “Sin”, and ICE agents went undercover and offered gardening workers doughnuts before arresting 114 people (video), and A Trump supporter spat racist vitriol at this Asian-American woman on the Metro (video).

12. The Night My Parents Had Me Kidnapped.

13. This 6-year-old helped over 1000 dogs to find a home. (video)

14. 13 Diverse Authors Nominated for PBS’s ‘The Great American Read’.

15. This is the moment a jogger dismantles and tosses the belongings of a homeless man into a lake. (video)

16. Cute babies. (video)

17. Restaurants Boycott Brooklyn, NY, Army Base After Guard Called ICE on Deliveryman. This is what resistance looks like.

18. 6 Things White People Can Do To Reach Friends and Family Members to End Racism.

19. Take a Peek Inside Neil Gaiman’s Library.

20. Roxane Gay: ‘No one is guaranteed love or affection.’ “The author of Bad Feminist and Hunger has strong words for ‘incels’, harassers in publishing and diet gurus.”

21. “Little girls don’t stay little forever…” (video)

22. Five Spills, Six Months in Operation: Dakota Access Track Record Highlights Unavoidable Reality — Pipelines Leak.

23. Metropolitan Museum Creates Residency Program for Artists Committed to Social Change.

24. Georgia Cop Fired for Ramming Fleeing Suspect With Patrol Car Gets New Job as Sheriff’s Deputy in Neighboring County. This is so disgusting, infuriating. The sheriff who hired him had “known him since he was a baby” and “In talking to Saulters the first question he asked was if our citizens supported law enforcement. Without hesitation I assured him they did and that we have excellent people that live in our county. I have no reservations about Dep. Saulters serving this community. As a citizen of Oglethorpe County you will find the wisdom of this decision in getting a deputy of this caliber. If you still have concerns I will discuss them with you if you contact me. If you are not an Oglethorpe County resident, I wouldn’t worry about it.” Fuck you, Sheriff David Gabriel.

25. Florida Stopped Background Checks On Concealed Weapon Permits For A Year. “The employee responsible said she couldn’t remember her information to log in to a national database that keeps track of criminals.”

26. Philadelphia Police Department Changes Trespassing Policy After Starbucks Incident.

27. Chelsea Manning’s tweets prompted police to perform a “wellness check” … with their guns drawn. (video)

28. Arizona Man Beaten By Mesa Police Makes Public Statement. (video)

29. For homeless people in Eugene, Oregon, these tiny homes can be the difference between life and death. (video)

30. These Tweets About Kids Renaming Random Things Prove That Kids Are Way Smarter Than Us.

31. This super dad-erina came to rescue his daughter when she broke in tears on stage. (video) My favorite part of this is when a guy comes from the side and offers to hold the baby, and the dad is like, “I’ve got this.”

32. Dambulla is home to Sri Lanka’s largest cave complex. But hidden inside these caves is a spectacular series of sprawling temples. (video)

33. A Thank-You Letter to Kim Kardashian for Proving White Privilege Is Real.

34. When a volunteer hunts for likes on social media. (video)

35. 4 Reasons People of Color Can’t Cater to White People’s Guilt – Or Their Tears.

36. Former Fox Analyst Calls Network “Propaganda Machine”. Things for me that are indicators we won’t agree about much of anything: you watch Fox News, you voted for Trump, and you don’t read books.

37. Body Positivity Is a Scam. “How a movement intended to lift up women really just limits their acceptable emotions. Again.”

38. Digital creator Dylan Marron has plenty of online haters, but he doesn’t consider them trolls. Instead, he started a podcast where he engages them in honest, offline conversations. (video)

39. Sleepy puppy. (video)

40. The government made an anti-fascism film in 1943 – and it’s horrifyingly relevant in 2017. (video)

41. Watch President Obama’s final White House remarks honoring Pride, since our current president still refuses to recognize it. (video)

42. How Current Eating Disorder Discourse Fails The LGBTQ Community. And How We Can Change That. “Treatment needs to be a gender diverse and an inclusive environment.”

43. Ann Widdecombe lashes out at transgender ‘lunacy’ in Express column.

44. This candidate for governor drove through a parade in an American flag Jeep with a fake machine gun mounted on top — and he called the negative backlash a ‘snowflake meltdown.’ (video)

45. Musician and political commentator Akala confronts three statements he says are used to ‘shut down’ discussions about race. (video)

46. We Can’t Wait to Read Fatventure Mag. “After a successful Kickstarter, the first issue will feature fat-identified women and nonbinary writers and artists.”

47. Texas Teen’s Story About Being Abducted and Assaulted by White Supremacists Was Not True, Police Say.

48. ‘My dog thinks he’s an opera singer.’ (video)

49. In case you need some encouragement today, here’s a video of a little girl jumping off the diving board for the first time as the entire pool cheers her on. (video)

50. She locked herself out of her house, but her dog was able to get her back in. (video) Good by, Sam!