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Something Good

Disclaimer: This list isn’t about making you feel good, but rather inspiring you to be good, do good, spread the good around.

1. A bunch of really good stuff from Rachel Cargle. In particular, the first link in the list, which gives you the option to buy and download her recent “Unpacking White Feminism” talk.

2. The Belly Love Podcast from Rachel Cole.

3. Can’t Stop Binge-Eating? Here’s WHY and how to stop from Isabel Foxen Duke.

4. The Four Noble Truths Of Love, a new book from Susan Piver. She’s been teaching this topic for a few years, and it suggests such an important shift in how we “do” love, so I’m really excited to read the book.

5. The jerk fallacy, wisdom from Seth Godin. More wisdom from Seth: The two simple secrets to good ideas.

6. Koko The Gorilla Dies; Redrew The Lines Of Animal-Human Communication. In related news, Koko The Gorilla Has Died And People Are Sharing Their Favorite Stories. I loved her kindness and sense of humor most.

7. Living Radical Dharma, a retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center that I might really need to attend.

8. 40 Summer Journaling Prompts from Marc and Angel Hack Life.

9. Should we expect more from health & wellness professionals? Wisdom from Melissa Toler.

10. Hannah Gadsby’s comedy special Nanette is streaming on Netflix. I finished watching this last night. It’s amazing — so heartbreaking and smart and raw and yes, funny.

Here’s her recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers.

11. Why Are Doctors Trying to Guess Fat Patients’ Weight? on Dances with Fat.

12. Red Table Talk. “Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter Willow, and mother Adrienne – three generations of women open their home for a series of candid conversations with family and friends. Follow Red Table Talk for new episodes, only on Facebook Watch.”

13. Sarah Sanders is upset because a restaurant wouldn’t serve her. She’s okay with it happening to gays.

14. This man with autism creates sculptures using Babybel cheese wax. (video)

15. More people should know about the awful bounty system that paid settlers to kill Native Americans. (video) This is who we are.

16. These activists blasted ICE on a billboard outside San Francisco. (video)

17. Melania Trump and everyone who claims there was no hidden message from her jacket can get the FOH. (video) In related news, Trump: Melania’s jacket ‘refers to the Fake News Media’ and Melania Trump, Agent of Coat Chaos on The New York Times, and A brief (fascist) history of ‘I don’t care’.

18. The Oppression of White America. In related news, White People Are Cowards, and 40 Ways White People Say ‘White People’ Without Actually Saying ‘White People’.

19. White Ohio Cop Fired for Detaining Daughter’s Black Boyfriend for No Reason: ‘We’ll Make Shit Up as We Go.’ In related news, A racist man just told a black doctor that she didn’t belong in her own community while blocking her from entering her home! (video)

20. Tiny dancer. (video)

21. I Transitioned From Female To Male In The Military. (video)

22. This Cherokee teen’s school would not allow him to wear official tribal attire at his graduation ceremony. (video)

23. Dogs on trampolines. (video)

24. Here’s What You Should Do If A Service Dog Approaches You Without Its Owner.

25. Free laundry day. (video) “Did you know having clean clothes has a major impact on how we feel? See how this 14-year-old is making a difference in her community.”

26. Trump Executive Order Makes Border Crisis Worse. In related news, This man begged ICE to stay in jail rather than be deported (video), and Fact-Checking Family Separation, and Immigration is being used as a tool to exert racism against those who want to come into the United States (video), and ‘Pro-Life,’ Pro-Family Groups Are MIA On Family Separations At The Border, and This is a devastated Rachel Maddow upon getting the breaking news that Trump has established detention centers for babies who’ve been forcefully taken from their parents (video), and The Outrage Over Family Separation Is Exactly What Stephen Miller Wants, and Stephen Miller was one of the main advocates for President Trump’s plan to separate immigrating children from their parents at the border — here’s how he seeped into the White House (video), and Hickenlooper signs executive action barring Colorado resources from being used to separate immigrant families, and ACLU Sues ICE For Allegedly Separating ‘Hundreds’ Of Migrant Families. Here’s another terrifying turn this has taken: Scanning immigrants’ old fingerprints, U.S. threatens to strip thousands of citizenship.

27. A police officer ended this 17-year-old boy’s life by shooting him three times in the back, even though he was unarmed. (video) Officer Michael Rosfeld, who murdered Antwon Rose, was FIRED in January from the University of Pittsburgh Police Dept. He was repeatedly violent and falsified reports. He murdered Antwon Rose three hours after being sworn in at another department.

28. This device turns a wheelchair into a scooter. (video)

29. Gun Chick Posts Beach Selfie Praising Trump While Unknowingly Disrespecting The American Flag.

30. Juneteenth. (video) In related news, Here’s why we should make Juneteenth a national holiday. (video)

31. A homeless, dying man is separated from his only family member – when a paramedic finds out who it is, she takes matters into her own hands. (video)

32. U.S. Announces Its Withdrawal From U.N. Human Rights Council.

33. People won’t stop trashing Mount Everest. (video) This is why we can’t have nice things.

34. We can literally name at least 100 Americans who needed the compassion and patience shown to this man in Thailand. (video)

35. Researchers have ditched the autism-vaccine hypothesis. Here’s what they think actually causes it.

36. This CPR-performing puppy is the most adorable life saver ever. (video)

37. “Auntie Debra” doles out a heaping helping of hospitality even after lunch hour ends.

Gratitude Friday

1. Farmer’s market flowers. I know I’ve said it before, but my goal is to have a garden like she does where I can make bouquets like these for myself all season long. Maybe this summer I’ll get up the courage to ask if I can come to her house for a tour. She’s an art teacher, and my theory is that’s why her stuff is so gorgeous — she has an eye for it.

2. Insurance. Sometimes it feels like you pay and pay for nothing, and then a single hailstorm comes along, lasts less than 20 minutes but ruins your roof and both cars and you are happy to have paid because now you need the pay out and the help.

3. The robin and her babies who are living in our lilac bushes survived the storm. One of those balls of hail could have easily killed her or knocked her nest to the ground, but she’s still there, sitting happily on her brood. Our garden got through this storm okay too.

4. Ringo and Sam. Somehow neither Eric nor I took a single picture of Sam this week, but here’s one of silly Ringo.

5. Eric. Two introverts form a mostly functional adult. Thank goodness, because this week felt like we were adulting all over the place.

Bonus joy: swimming lessons (this week I swam on my back, with the help of a buoy and some flippers, and it was actually fun), yoga, aqua aerobics, clean sheets, naps, rain and cooler days, morning walks (Sam is up to 3.5 miles a day!), texting, Wild Writing, clean water, a warm shower and a clean towel, good books, going to the movies with Eric, Pop Tarts (sometimes it’s exactly what you need), strawberries from our garden.