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Something Good

1. At Georgia’s Arrendale State Prison, women inmates forge a bond by keeping bees.

2. The women fighting elephant poaching. (video) “‘Hunt my animals and I’ll catch you.’ Zimbabwe’s armed female anti-poaching unit protect one of the biggest elephant populations in Africa. This is their story.”

3. Ballpoint Pen Artist on 60 Second Docs (video).

4. Uncanny Portraits of Cats Crafted with Realistic Glass Eyes and Felted Wool.

5. Karen Walrond’s weekly This Was a Good Week list on Chookooloonks. (The first four items on my list this week are from her list this week). Also from Karen, the latest episode of her podcast, make light, season 3, episode 8: make light when you hate your job.

6. August Break with Susannah Conway starts August 1. “I’ve put together a list of prompts to turn your August into a photo treasure hunt and there’s a Facebook group, an Instagram hashtag and a blog roll too if you’d like to share your photos with the group.”

7. The Three Most Powerful Motivations from Zen Habits.

8. 25 Strange and Contradictory Things About Being an Introvert.

9. Listen to ‘Dear Sugars’: Trust Your Body — With Hilary Kinavey & Dana SturtevantThe New York Times.

10. Hey, Hippocrates: Food isn’t medicine. It’s just food.

11. Wealthy Americans Are More Likely to Be Influenced by Nutrition Pseudoscience.

12. A 6-Year-Old Girl Was Sexually Abused in an Immigrant-Detention Center. “Separated from her mother by Trump’s zero-tolerance policy, the child was forced to sign a statement confirming that she understood it was her responsibility to stay away from her abuser.”

13. Ving Rhames Held At Police Gunpoint In Own Home After Neighbor Reported Him As Burglar.

14. Chesterfield family has message for parents after 4-month-old dies of meningitis. “If anything comes out of this we want people to be aware that vaccinations can prevent things like this. Vaccines aren’t just for kids they’re for adults too. He was just a baby, so he really didn’t have much of a chance.”

15. 14,000-Year-Old Piece Of Bread Rewrites The History Of Baking And Farming.

16. Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis hospitalized. He’s one of our best. May he be well.

17. Obama says we’re in “strange and uncertain times” in Mandela lecture.

18. Aloha Poke Co. is Sending Cease-and-Desists to Similarly Named Shops.

19. Instagram Removes Post Checking In On Black Women In Wake Of Nia Wilson’s Slaying After It’s Flagged As Hate Speech.

20. Will Somebody, Anybody Sing A Black Girl’s Song.

21. Here’s why Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law is racist AF. (video) In related news, Girlfriend Of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Shooting Victim Says Gunman ‘Was Picking A Fight.’

22. Hugo Award-Winning Author N. K. Jemisin Explains Why Bigots Are Bad at Writing.

23. This man purposely followed Charles Lovett home just to go off on a racial tirade–all because he got cut off. (video)

24. Dogs woken up with the smell of a treat. (video)

25. Pilots stop 222 asylum seekers being deported from Germany by refusing to fly.

26. How White People Handle Diversity Training in the Workplace. “Confronted with their own shortcomings, white employees often shut down the dialogue—or frame themselves as victims.”

27. Shout out to the people that stood against this officer’s use of excessive force. (video)

28. Is PC Culture Anti-Free Speech? (video)

29. Hannah Gadsby says she’s no longer quitting comedy.

30. Roseanne Barr Tells Fox’s Hannity That Racist Tweet Was A Big Misunderstanding. First she says “I thought the bitch was white.” Now she claims because she thought she was Middle Eastern, it wasn’t racism?! Someone needs to explain to her what racism is.

31. 25Park (Alison Brettschneider) And Why White Women Are So Hard To Trust. Until Alison Brettschneider made her Instagram account private, I was watching this unfold. I wish she wouldn’t have made her account private, or deleted people’s comments and blocked others, because watching her act out and interact with those who called her out was the best example of peak white feminism I’ve ever seen. In related news, #SayHerName: Celebrities Draw Attention to the Death of Nia Wilson in the Week Following her Fatal Stabbing.

32. Wells Fargo Employees Call Cops on 78-Year-Old Black Woman After Refusing to Cash Her Check.

33. Ellen Maud Bennett’s Obituary, in which she says, “A final message Ellen wanted to share was about the fat shaming she endured from the medical profession. Over the past few years of feeling unwell she sought out medical intervention and no one offered any support or suggestions beyond weight loss. Ellen’s dying wish was that women of size make her death matter by advocating strongly for their health and not accepting that fat is the only relevant health issue.” She died of cancer. They kept telling her only “problem” was that she was fat.

34. Rejoice! The long-rumored Deadwood movie is officially happening. Rejoice, cocksuckers!

35. Racist Woman Tells Asian Man ‘Have a Nice Trip Back to China’ at SFO.

36. This Guy And His Dog Changed Each Other’s Entire Worlds. (video) “This guy was recovering from addiction and didn’t have a job when he rescued a scared, shut down pit bull named Clove. Today on Soulmates, watch how Clove’s dad figured out that extreme hiking made her very happy — and it ended up being their ticket to falling in love with the world again.”

37. White Supremacy Is the Water by Jena Schwartz.

38. Police pinned down this 9-year-old boy and told him to ‘stop resisting’ after he became inconsolable while his father was arrested. (video)

39. This brave woman refused to sit down on a flight because there was a man being deported on board. (video) “She continued to stand despite pressure and harrasment from people on the plane, rallying other passengers to stand with her and stop the man from being deported.”

40. Man Arrested in Horrific Stabbing Death of Nia Wilson; Bay Area Protesters Demand Justice. Tell me again how building a wall is going to keep us safe. I dare you.

41. This man with Down syndrome is using his million-dollar company to show the world what people with learning disabilities can do. (video)

42. Nope, I’m Not Trying to Lose Weight by Jes Baker. “For the first time in my life, I’m not obsessing about my body size at all because my quest for healing and full-body wellness simply cannot be determined by a number on the scale.” Amen.

43. Me Little Me – A Film About Recovery. “We are currently raising funds for a feature film that we hope will dispel the myths about who suffers from eating disorders and why.”

44. World’s Tiniest Donkey Loves Playing Pranks On His Mom. (video)

45. A Sociologist Examines the “White Fragility” That Prevents White Americans from Confronting Racism from The New Yorker.

46. Deported Guatemalan Man Desperately Awaits Return Of 9-Year-Old Son From U.S. Custody.

47. 51 Ways to Make the World Less Hostile to Fat People.

48. Artist paints beautiful tiny landscapes onto pennies. (video)

49. The cutest video I’ve ever seen. “When Osiris was a baby he used to love this little music box and even now 8 months later he still likes for me to play music like this when we go to sleep at night.”

50. This is what it’s like to be a black business owner in a gentrifying SF neighborhood: Racist graffiti and calls to the police for unlocking your own store. (video)

51. ‘Eighth Grade’ Review: Tender Take on Teen Angst Is Flat-Out Triumph. “Bo Burnham’s story about a 14-year-old misfit is one of the funniest, saddest and most heartfelt teen movies ever.”

52. Archie the thief, steals stuff to annoy his owner. (video)

53. Boulder prides itself on being welcoming to all. But its citizens of color tell a different story.

54. Too Fat for Fitness? Lessons From a Plus-Size Athlete.

55. This Psychologist Is Changing The Face Of Therapy For Black Women.

56. Black Lives Matter to Counter Protest ‘White Civil Rights Rally’ in DC. In related news, Another Charlottesville? Threats of violence loom over upcoming Portland Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer rally.

57. How the Suffrage Movement Betrayed Black Women on The New York Times.

Gratitude Friday

1. Colorado sky. This picture was the view from my front porch last night.

2. Our garden, and all the hard work Eric does to keep it going. We lost our zucchini in the first hailstorm of the year and our tomatoes are doing terrible, but we have tons of lettuce, basil, cucumbers, and flowers.

3. Summer food. The above picture is the peach sorbet I made with Palisade peaches, and the one below is the glazed lemon zucchini bread I made today (let’s be honest – it’s cake). Then there’s watermelon and corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes. It’s all so yummy.

4. The calm before the “storm.” I’m getting a tooth pulled on Monday and the week after a colonoscopy (turned 50, so they are doing the baseline test) and the week after that I have to go back to work, so I’m trying to enjoy just being normal and on vacation for a few more days.

5. My boys. Sam had to get a lumped checked at the vet last week, but thankfully it’s just a fatty tumor (he has one on his belly too). At 4.75 years old, Ringo is finally settling in to being an adult dog, but he hasn’t lost his goofy sense of humor or that typical Heeler independence/stubbornness.

Bonus joy: hanging out with amazing women (seriously, my friends are so smart, funny, creative, and kind), aqua aerobics, swimming lessons, Pilates, cooking, rainstorms, teaching yoga, getting paid to teach yoga, being able to help, meditation, writing, clean sheets, air conditioning, prescription glasses (can you imagine life without them?!), good books, good TV, documentaries, rice krispie treats, a cold glass of clean water, emails from my mom, a new computer (now I just need to set it up), laughing with Eric.

Something Good

1. 13 Problems Only Highly Sensitive Introverts Will Understand. Hi, my name is Jill, and I’m a introverted hsp. In related news, I’m also an INFJ: Why INFJs Are Prone to Emotional Exhaustion (and How to Do More Self-Care).

2. Stepping Down As “Shastri,” Staying For The Shambhala Community from Ethan Nichtern.

3. You may find a new friend behind any corner (video). In related news, This fence is no barrier to friendship. (video)

4. People continue to do bad things: A College Student Texted The N-Word To Her Future Roommate And Then Blamed Spell-Check, and A lesbian couple recorded the vulgar, homophobic tirade against them (video), and White Detroit Business Owner Spits on Black Man Working Security at Event Over Parking Dispute, and These boys’ lives have never been the same since cops pointed a gun at their faces, in response to a false 911 call (video), and This pastor who says God gave us Trump is selling buckets of coffee to prepare for the apocalypse (video), and This man threatened a person of color with a ‘citizen’s arrest’ and called the police before blocking him from leaving a supermarket (video), and Video shows deadly shooting over parking spot at Clearwater convenience store, and Woman Says Man Masturbated Next To Her On United Flight And The Staff Just Made Jokes, and Roseanne Barr: I Was Labeled A Racist Because I Voted For Donald Trump, and Woman Who Called Police on 2 Black Yale Students Says She’s ‘Done Absolutely Nothing Wrong’ in Whitest Tweets Ever, and A transit employee compared a group of women to porn stars after they went into the train’s bathroom together (video), and A disturbing new video shows an Idaho man launching a horrific, racist attack on Black members of a Christian youth group after punching the pastor (video), and this happened in #DeerPark on my way to drop my son off (video), and a woman reportedly harassing a black couple for blocks as they walked down the street in Berkeley, CA. She was yelling “get out of Berkeley” but tried to play the victim when police arrived. To her utter shock, she was arrested instead (video), and This Christian Blogger Wrote A Post Called ‘Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos’ And The Dunks Are Solid Gold, and Students at Texas Tech University are demanding action after a fraternity’s racist group chat surfaced. Hunting immigrants at the border is just one of the suggestions. (video), and Greg Hill was shot dead after police were called because he was listening to Drake too loud (video), and This cashier called the police on a woman for using too many coupons (video), and He killed someone in a parking space dispute. But police say he just stood his ground.

5. ‘Sorry To Bother You’ may be an absurdist dark comedy, but it gets very real about everyday racism. (video)

6. If You’re Tired Of The Patriarchy, You’re Gonna Love These 15 Tumblr Posts.

7. Aparna Nancherla Is Depressed, Sad, Overwhelmed — And Laughing.

8. 2 CVS Employees Fired After Calling the Cops on Black Woman Who Was Just Trying to Use a Coupon.

9. The NFL has suspended its new anthem protest policy — for now. (video) In related news, Tennessee Titans star defensive end Jurrell Casey says he’ll protest during anthem and take fine. (video)

10. Dr. Edith Eger [a Holocaust survivor] shares her incredibly moving story. (video)

11. Breaking Big on PBS with Roxane Gay. (video) “See how Gay, child of Haitian immigrants, transcended expectations to become a leading voice in the feminist movement with her essay collection Bad Feminist. How did she convert a painful childhood into a career that helped women around the world?”

12. Here’s what you can do right now to help the children at the border. (video)

13. Yoga and the Maintenance of White Womanhood.

14. The #WalkAway meme is what happens when everything is viral and nothing matters.

14. August Break 2018 with Susannah Conway. “This is a community project that has no real rules — the idea is to simply take a photograph every day for the whole of August. That’s it. Pause, look around you and shoot what you see. Live inside each moment. Pay attention to what’s there…We have a list of daily photo prompts so if you get stuck for something to photograph just refer to the list and get snapping!”

15. Adult Luna Moths are rarely seen because they only have a one week lifespan. (video)

16. Adventures of the cutest hedgehog ever. (video)

17. Sleepy boxer. (video)

18. Taking your dog for a walk in Switzerland (video). This might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Gratitude Friday (on a Sunday)

Note: It was a busy week last week, and I kept losing track of the days. I’m trying to get a lot done before I have to go back to work next month but I’m also in that wonderful limbo of vacation time where some days the most important thing is to eat a ripe peach and take a nap, and stuff keeps coming up, like a broken tooth that needs to come out. I have so much I want to write about, share here, but it’s still one of those strange fallow seasons for a bit longer I think.

1. Morning walks. To be honest, I haven’t been going on many the past few weeks. This morning, as I was sleeping in (sleeping in around here means until 6 or 6:30 am instead of getting up at 5 am), I heard the click of the dogs’ harnesses and the open and close of the door, realized I was missing another walk, and I recommitted to getting up at 5 am every morning, even if I’m tired and it’s hard. I want to get back into the habit.

2. Flowers in the bathroom. My flower person at the Farmer’s Market was in Iowa last Saturday instead of opening her booth, so Eric brought me these amazing sunflowers from the grocery store. It was double gratitude – that he’s so thoughtful and the reminder of how amazing the Farmer’s Market flowers are.

3. Joyful movement and practice. Yoga, Pilates, meditation, writing, aqua aerobics, swimming lessons.

4. Sweet Sam and Ringo Blue. I didn’t take many pictures of them this week for some reason, even though they were just as sweet and cute as ever. Ringo had a play date with his best friend Pancho and I forgot to even take any pictures of how happy they were to see each other.

5. Eric. He is so kind, so funny, and takes such good care of me. He brought me flowers, has been so sweet as I manage the pain of waiting for a broken tooth to get pulled (followed by a bone graft and then an implant), bought me more Palisade peaches, and made me a pineapple upside down cake on the bbq grill.

It wasn’t pretty, but oh my did it taste good.

This is what it’s like when Ringo is done napping. “Wake up, Dad!”

Bonus joy: while Ringo was playing with his friend Pancho I got to hang out with his person who is one of my favorites, seeing the documentary RBG with another of my favorites and the rice krispie treat from the concession stand, seeing a movie with Eric and sharing his popcorn, the Japanese cucumbers from our garden (so sweet and super crunchy), good books (reading The Power right now), good TV, new music, swimming on my back across the pool, sitting in the sauna with Eric, eating as many peaches as I want, trying a new recipe, a quick Zoom chat with another one of my favorites, rain storms, our whole house fan, a glass of cold clean water.

Something Good

It’s Palisade peach season in Colorado, y’all

1. This is an ongoing contemplation for me: The ‘King’ of Shambhala Buddhism Is Undone by Abuse Report from The New York Times. In related news, Matthew Remski and I talk about Shambhala, guru-culture, and my blind spots from Susan Piver (I haven’t had a chance to watch the video or read his article yet, but I plan to), and Confessions of a Dharma Sex Kitten.

2. A draft agenda for fat justice. This is such an important clarification and call to action.

3. Inside the Radical, Uncomfortable Movement to Reform White Supremacists. “As hate groups have surged, so has the number of extremists trying to escape.” In related news, from the same source (Mother Jones), Trump Says White Supremacist Terror Is Fake News. These Chilling Cases Prove Otherwise.

4. ICE Officers to Asylum Seekers: ‘Don’t You Know That We Hate You People?’ In related news, 22 people were rounded up in a two-day ICE raid in northern Kentucky (video).

5. ‘He loved them more than himself’: How a 25-year-old former monk kept the Thai soccer team alive.

6. Go with your hut from Alexandra Franzen.

This is the voice that, these days, I call my “hut,” which stands for “heart + gut.” Your hut is not the voice of reason, logic, or Excel spreadsheets. Your hut is the voice of instinct and intuition, that inexplicable feeling of what’s right for you and you alone. Your hut doesn’t always speak in words. Sometimes it speaks in feelings, tingles, an invisible hand on your shoulder, a fire in your belly, tears in your eyes that won’t stop.

7. A Buddhist Teacher’s 5 Ways to Resist on Lion’s Roar. “If the state of things sociopolitical has you downhearted, says Jan Willis, action is the only way to bring back hope. Here’s her advice for making the most of your bravery, your voice, and your vote.”

8. How Fat Shaming Leads To Eating Disorders.

9. Florida Police Chief Told Cops to Pin Crimes on Black Teens, Adults to Boost Crime Stats. In related news, Cop Fired For Calling Black People ‘Alabama Porch Monkeys’ … Then Re-Hired, and Man Who Drove Through Antwon Rose Protest, Ran Over Demonstrator, Only Charged With Misdemeanor, and A passenger racially abused this Muslim woman on a bus to Staten Island (video), and ‘Coupon Carl’ Calls Cops on Black Woman at CVS for Allegedly Using a Forged Coupon, But Was Busted Himself for … Forgery Less Than 2 Years Ago, and Woman Who Beat Elderly Mexican Man with a Brick on July 4 Charged With Attempted Murder, and Woman Studying Outside Grocery Store Attacked by Drunken Racist, and Papa John’s CEO Attempts Damage Control But Not An Apology, and These Two White Women Attacked Their Hispanic Neighbors And Called The Police On Themselves, and Puerto Rico Governor Wants Officer Fired Over Flag Incident Caught on Video on The New York Times, and California Prosecutor Suspended After Vile Attack On Maxine Waters, and Racist jerk attacks Latina for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt (video), and #SummerJobWhileBlack: Child Gets Cops Called on Him for Delivering Newspapers, and #NaptimeNancy Is The New #PermitPatty — And She Works For Harvard.

10. Chicago Neighborhood Explodes After Officer Kills Popular Black Barber; Police Say He Was ‘Exhibiting Characteristics’ of an Armed Person. In related news, any time there is a riot, it’s good to remember what Martin Luther King Jr. said,

And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear? … It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.

11. An Open Letter to All White Women Seeking Redemption. In related news, The Most Dangerous Person in America Is The White Woman, and This Is the America White People Wished For. This Is the America White People Want.

12. #CaucasianCallingTax: White People Need to Be Taxed for Wasting Police Officers’ Time. Agreed. In related news, Racist Caucasian Crusaders, It’s a Thing (video), and After Calling 911 On Black Family, Subway Worker Placed On Leave. And the winner is this one, whose title makes you think it’s an article from The Onion, but it’s not, it’s real: White Woman Calls Cops on California Man Chilling in His Car Listening to Yoga CD.

13. ‘See Ya Later, Suckas!’ The Obituary of a 5-Year-Old Boy in His Own Words on The New York Times.

14. Chris and Donella lead their interracial, cross-cultural, and multi-lingual blended-family with play, hard work, and love as they navigate the triumphs and challenges of raising two sons. (video)

15. Don’t be a Bystander: 6 Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks (video).

16. A Nervous Cat Helped This Guy Feel Connected To The World (video). “When this guy’s friends asked him to help walk their nervous cat Sawyer, he was skeptical at first. But Nick was having trouble forming relationships, so he decided to give it a try. Today on Soulmates, watch how Nick and Sawyer formed a very special bond that helped them both put aside their anxieties and have beautiful adventures together.”

17. 60 Second Docs Presents Sidewalk Confessions (video).

18. CSU caught a professor forging an offer letter to boost his pay. They kept him another year. This is some serious bullshit.

19. 12 benefits of having a cat (video).

20. Black Culture Problem? (video)

21. United Shades of America: Native Hawai’i (video).

22. ‘It’s Not a New Story’: Family Separations Open Old Wounds.

23. Weird Things Couples Do With Their Dogs (video).

24. Stephen Miller threw $80 worth of sushi away to protest a protester.

25. Me when fav songs comes on in the car (video).

26. Congress is only 20% female. What if it were 50/50? (via America From Scratch • PBS) (video)

27. After the president spread a weird lie about the late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel countered with a totally true, 100 percent not-made-up story of his own. (video)

28. Confession: I’m an Introvert, and Sometimes I Lie to Avoid Socializing.

29. Lula gets a new puppy. (video)

30. Teacher Teaches Kids About Sex, Can’t Stop Laughing At Their Questions.

31. Gorilla encounter. (video)

Gratitude Friday

1. Farmer’s Market flowers in the bathroom. When I get a new bunch, I take what is still left alive from the week before, trim it down and put it on my writing desk.

2. Rain. It’s been over 90 degrees for days and days, so the big rainstorm yesterday afternoon was a nice break, and it was an extra bonus it didn’t include any hail.

3. Swimming. Y’all, I am learning so much! This week, while I was practicing, I swam in the lap lane. Let me say that one more time, make sure you really heard it — I SWAM in the lap lane! My favorite is wearing my fins and kicking across the pool on my back.

4. Practice. Sam helped me meditate a few times this week.

5. Peach and cherry season. When we go to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow, we are buying a whole box of Palisade peaches so we can cut them up and freeze them, still have them once the season is over.

6. Baby birds. We are a bit sad, because it seems there are only two left in the nest, not because they are big enough to fly away or be on their own, but because something not good happened to them (we don’t know exactly what, and found no evidence of anything, but there are only two left when there were four — and then three and now two).





7. Sam and Ringo. My best friends. It’s been hot, so there’s been a lot of lounging going on around here.

8. And this guy. He’s my very very very best friend. I love the pictures he sends me when he’s out with the dogs. Because of the heat, they drive around in an air-conditioned car in the afternoon more then they get out to walk, just to feel like they got to do something.

Bonus joy: teaching yoga, swimming lessons, aqua aerobics, Pilates, coffee with a friend, Instagram, good books (still reading Pachinko, a National Book Award Finalist, by Min Jin Lee but almost done, and I think I might get Children of Blood and Bone next, a young adult fantasy novel by Nigerian-American novelist Tomi Adeyemi), good TV (we started watching the beginning of the last season of The Great British Baking Show on PBS, and now I’m craving cake), good movies, going to the movies with Eric (we saw “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” and “Oceans 8” last week), sleeping in, a cold glass of clean water, a good yoga music mix, getting paid for doing something I love.

Something Good

1. This amazing parkour teacher is giving both confidence and hope to street kids in Manila. (video)

2. Competitive Cheerleader and team USA Gymnast Angel Rice most known for breaking Guinness World record for the most double full twists, gets 1st place in Regionals in Daytona Beach. (video) I get dizzy just watching her!

3. Maxine Waters could be a serious problem for Trump if Democrats win the House.

4. We need to do better, do the work, because this nonsense keeps happening: California Prosecutor Wonders Why ‘Ghetto’ Maxine Waters Hasn’t Been Shot, and Gang of White Thugs Hurl Slurs at Black Mom, Smash Her Car Window, Yet Somehow No One Went to Jail or Even Had a Damn Mugshot Taken, and Latest ICE Data Details Increasingly Indiscriminate Arrests, and Vermont woman shown on video cutting cop’s throat with knife acquitted of attempted murder, and Adam Bloom doesn’t get it and his apology is bullshit (video), (if you don’t know who Adam Bloom is or what he did, watch this video), and Customs agents reportedly deleted records that could have been used to reunite hundreds of immigrant families, and This White Woman Probably Regrets Calling The Police On A Black Couple For Wearing Socks At The Pool, and Purdue Professor Proudly Posts Photo in Blackface But Faces No Consequences Because of Free ‘Speech’, and White Ohio family that called 911 on black boy mowing lawn calls police on him again July 4, and A drunk neighbor verbally attacked a Hispanic family over their music on Fourth of July (video), and Suspect In Charlottesville Car Attack Pleads Not Guilty To Hate Crimes Charges, and A migrant child was returned to his mother covered in lice, according to a new lawsuit, and Man Calls Skateboarding Teen ‘Mexican Piece Of S**t,’ Admits He’s Being Racist, and A Day After Report, Violent White Supremacist Loses Job With Defense Contractor, and This mother was separated from her children and detained more than 2,000 miles away — so volunteers banded together and drove cross-country to reunite them (video), and White Driver Who Fatally Struck Black Man, Called Him Racial Slur After Death, Cleared of All Fault in Collision, and President Trump attacked Sen. Elizabeth Warren with a racist joke that culminated with a punchline about sexual assault, and Racist idiot cuts in line in front of Arab American woman at supemarket, then tells her, “go back to your country” (video), and A tearful reunion for this mother and her 8-year-old daughter who were separated for 55 days after crossing the US border because they were fleeing Guatemala (video), and Police arrested a woman in NY for going on an aggressive, racist, anti-immigrant tirade on a bus (video), and ‘Newport Nancy’ Called The Cops On Her Black Neighbor For Smoking A Cigarette In The Parking Lot, and The way this couple reacted to this petty Patty on the shuttle bus is hilarious (video), and South Carolina police object to high-school reading list, and Black Oregon legislator says campaigning in own district triggered 911 call, and #MourningWhileBlack: Priest Calls Cops on Black Funeral-Goers, Tells Them to ‘Get the Hell Out’ of Church, and Self-described Nazis and white supremacists are running as Republicans across the country.

5. Therese “Patricia” Okoumou, the woman who climbed onto the Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July, spoke outside a New York City courthouse. (video) In related news, Black Women Are People. Expecting Them to Be Our Saviors and Superheroes Is Killing Them.

6. Dad to orphaned wildlife from 60 Second Docs, (video).

7. Mr. Rogers used his show to fight racism in so many ways. (video)

8. This man successfully infiltrated white supremacist groups and caught it all on hidden camera — this is what he found. (video)

9. When the Fourth of July Was a Black Holiday. In related news, Responsibility Day.

10. Kids always have the funniest things to say. (video)

11. A one-year-old boy became the star of Jackson Square after he hopped into a French Quarter band’s performance. (video)

12. Cops were called on him — for mowing a lawn. Now his business is booming.

13. You’ve heard the one about the tortoise and the hare…BUT have you heard the one about the tortoise and the herd of cows? (video)

14. These adorable babies will make your day. In related news, Baby adorable reactions compilation. (videos)

15. These U.S. industries can’t work without illegal immigrants.

16. What is your dream? from Alexandra Franzen.