Gratitude Friday

1. Farmer’s market flowers. I know I’ve said it before, but my goal is to have a garden like she does where I can make bouquets like these for myself all season long. Maybe this summer I’ll get up the courage to ask if I can come to her house for a tour. She’s an art teacher, and my theory is that’s why her stuff is so gorgeous — she has an eye for it.

2. Insurance. Sometimes it feels like you pay and pay for nothing, and then a single hailstorm comes along, lasts less than 20 minutes but ruins your roof and both cars and you are happy to have paid because now you need the pay out and the help.

3. The robin and her babies who are living in our lilac bushes survived the storm. One of those balls of hail could have easily killed her or knocked her nest to the ground, but she’s still there, sitting happily on her brood. Our garden got through this storm okay too.

4. Ringo and Sam. Somehow neither Eric nor I took a single picture of Sam this week, but here’s one of silly Ringo.

5. Eric. Two introverts form a mostly functional adult. Thank goodness, because this week felt like we were adulting all over the place.

Bonus joy: swimming lessons (this week I swam on my back, with the help of a buoy and some flippers, and it was actually fun), yoga, aqua aerobics, clean sheets, naps, rain and cooler days, morning walks (Sam is up to 3.5 miles a day!), texting, Wild Writing, clean water, a warm shower and a clean towel, good books, going to the movies with Eric, Pop Tarts (sometimes it’s exactly what you need), strawberries from our garden.

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