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Something Good

Strawberries blooming in our garden, image by Eric

1. If You Think The World Is A Terrible Place These 20+ Wholesome Pics Will Change Your Mind. It’s up to 20+ pages of images now.

2. Carrying the Weight of How the White World Imagines You.

3. No, talking about women’s role in white supremacy is NOT blaming women.

4. Resources for good people who want to do better, a great list of good stuff.

5. What are the Eight Worldly Concerns? on Lion’s Roar.

6. Hush Puppy, also on Lion’s Roar. “Training her mind, training her dog—Mary Rose O’Reilley on the pleasures and pitfalls of learning to sit without barking.”

7. White fragility and supremacy and privilege out of control af: 3 women loading luggage in their car after a stay at an Airbnb are stopped by SEVEN cop cars, “The cops admit that the woman’s reason for calling the police was because we didn’t WAVE to her as she looked at us putting our luggage into our car from her lawn,” (video), and Off-Duty California Cop Pulls Gun on Guy Buying Mentos, and Cops called to UWS apartment for ‘burglary in progress’ but find black tenant, former White House staffer moving in. In related news, this bullshit that happened on the campus where I work: ‘They don’t belong’: police called on Native American teens on college tour, and Colorado State Univ. ‘deeply regrets’ Native American teens’ tour experience, offers reimbursement, and A mom on a college tour called the cops on two Native American teens because they made her ‘nervous’, and University of Florida is forced to apologize after black and minority graduates were SHOVED off stage by a white faculty member while they celebrated, and “STOP calling the cops on POC just trying to live. If you’re ‘nervous’ take that shit to therapy!” (video)

8. President Austin feeds homeless people. (video) I’d vote for him.

9. Eagles flying over the water at Aurora Borealis Observatory. (video)

10. Junot Díaz Accused Of #MeToo Misconduct. Blergh.

11. Ten years ago, former nightclub promoter Scott Harrison set out to solve the water crisis in his lifetime. (video) One of my favorite charities, and one of my favorite stories about a charity’s origins. Can we figure out a way to get him to help Flint?

12. When You’re in the Gray Area of Being Suicidal. #same

13. 3 Black Girls Competing to Win Trip to NASA Reportedly Hacked by Racists.

14. Lynching 2.0: White Family Charged With Murdering 2 Black Men, Dismembering Bodies. I’m only sharing this because it doesn’t seem to be getting much coverage.

15. Company Invents Gun That Folds Up to Look Like a Cellphone. The willful ignorance this reveals should enrage you.

16. On Racism from Leonie Dawson. In related news, Why White Women Terrify Me, and An Open Letter to Danielle LaPorte and all the other white women that will fuck up in the future, and Deleting Your Bulls*** When We Call You Out is a White Privilege Flex, and An Open Letter to Danielle LaPorte; or, The Stages of Realizing You Are Nonbinary, and On White Leaders Who Dehumanize Black People and Danielle La Porte’s New Program.

17. House Republicans nominate Trump for Nobel peace prize. Wtf?! No. Nope.

18. Five Female Poets on Protest and Resistance.

19. Got Toddlered: Parents Share Photos Of Them Before And After Having Kids, And The Difference Is Hilarious.

20. Friendliest puppy has friends of all shapes and sizes. (video) Good girl, Lou Lou.

21. Why the Waffle House shooting should get us talking about white privilege.

22. The wellness industry thrives on the fear of death.

23. Try Not To Laugh At These Conversations Between This Dad And His 4 Little Girls. Seriously, I dare you — try not to laugh.

24. Childish Gambino – This Is America (Official Video).

25. This man lost his dream job because of his felony record. (video) More proof that we don’t really believe in rehabilitation, just punishment (that in some cases never really ends).

26. How To Leave Toxic Diet Culture Behind And Pursue Actual Health. “The real data behind weight loss research points to a radically different approach to healthy living.”

26. 13 Diverse Authors Nominated for PBS’s ‘The Great American Read.’

27. France’s Beloved Short Story Dispensers Are Coming to America.

28. Mashama Bailey is the first African-American woman nominated for best chef at the James Beard Awards.

29. Being a Friend When You Are Becky.

30. Mary Karr Reminds the World That David Foster Wallace Abused and Stalked Her, and Nobody Cared.