Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. This week, they were under a full moon.

2. Feeling better. Not just me, but Sam too. He was pretty messed up from the sedation he had for his ultrasound and shot (whining and peeing everywhere he laid down to sleep that first night), but after that wore off, he was feeling so much better. We are weaning him off of some of his pain meds and will try a walk around the block in the morning. Fingers and paws crossed that he’s turned a corner, is on the upswing. I can’t say for sure because I haven’t been home with him that much in the past few days, but his limp seems mostly gone, which feels like some sort of miracle after almost three months.

Feeling punky on the ride home from the procedure, and peeing himself and the back of my car

Next day, feeling much better

3. Ringo. In particular the fact that he’s completely healthy and happy right now, being so good while Sam needs to rest and be calm.

He won’t look at me when he knows I’m trying to take his picture

4. Eric. He takes care of all of us. He even puts up with it when Ringo tries to take a nap, ON him.

5. Practice, in all the ways it manifests.

Bonus joy: they are fixing the heater in the pool so I finally get to go back to aqua aerobics on Monday (and show off my new swimming suit), sleep, clean sheets, getting all the laundry done and put away on Friday, barbecue, being able to pay for the help that Sam needs, dried plums, Kleenex with lotion, computer glasses, daffodils blooming in my garden (although, they are getting snowed on today), three new seasons of various HGTV shows on HULU, good books.

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