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Something Good

Heron fishing on the Cache La Poudre River

1. 7 Things You Should Know About INFJs, the Rarest Personality Type, or an alternative title, “Let Me Introduce Myself.” In related news, Why My Introversion Is Not ‘Getting Better.’

2. Unruly Bodies Love Letters: The body navigating 40 years of self loathing.

3. Geneen Roth is Perpetuating Eating Disorders.

4. Prince – Nothing Compares 2 U [OFFICIAL VIDEO]. I have a soft spot for the Sinéad O’Conner version of this song, having spent hours in my car, sobbing and listening to it on repeat, but this Prince version being released now, two years after his death, is almost too much — more hours spent in my car, sobbing and listening to it on repeat. In related news, Prince’s Only Recording of ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ Has Finally Been Released. It’s Fucking Incredible.

5. This 4-year-old boy is using his allowance to feed the homeless. (video)

6. This couple opens their doors to those fighting for their beliefs. (video)

7. 100 Ways White People Can Make Life Less Frustrating For People of Color. Read, rinse, and repeat. As many times as necessary. And in related news, Alternatives to Crying, Collapsing, and Crumbling in a Heap of White Fragility from Jena Schwartz and About the Weary Weaponizing of White Women Tears.

8. It Doesn’t Just Happen at Starbucks. Teachers Need Racial Bias Training Too. “The question is not what is Starbucks doing to learn from this incident, but what about the rest of us? Are we ready to do the work necessary to dismantle our deeply entrenched biases?”

9. The World Is Our Field of Practice angel Kyodo williams on On Being. In related news, Episode 001 of CTZN podcast with angel Kyodo williams.

10. ‘When You Know That You Did Nothing Wrong, How Do You Really React?’: Men Arrested in Philly Starbucks Speak Out. In related news, Why Starbucks shouldn’t be praised for its misguided racism workshops, and Companies like Starbucks love anti-bias training. But it doesn’t work — and may backfire. and From Starbucks to Hashtags: We Need to Talk About Why White Americans Call the Police on Black People.

11. Jumanji’s Ser’Darius Blain hid his childhood sexual assault for years — but now he’s speaking up and helping break the stigma around mental health for Black men. (video)

12. How to Make White People Uncomfortable.

13. This man says his childhood bully is now the superintendent of the local school district—and he finally confronted him. (video) The bad news is if you are a white cis male, you might never have to take responsibility for the harm you’ve done. In fact, you might go on to be rewarded by success in your life, even as the people you harmed continue to suffer.

14. 10 ways you can actively reject your white privilege.

15. Drew Barrymore Illustrates Our Issues with Food and Weight from Dances with Fat.

16. Waffle House shooting victims ID’d as worker, star athlete, music artist. In related news, Video of Waffle House arrest by Saraland police sparks community outrage.

17. Mini Dwarf Pony Who Could Barely Walk Finally Gets To Run. (video)

18. Colin Kaepernick named Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience. As I’ve said before, he’s too good for football.