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Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. Right now we are having all the weather — warm and dry, cold and wet, snow, and even fog. Spring in Colorado can be pretty chaotic when it comes to weather. This week, we saw a heard of white tailed deer and a fox. When Ringo saw the fox, he does what he does sometimes in that situation and stood up on his hind legs and growled like a baby bear.

2. Friday + Pay Day + Bonus Pay. All three at once is a pretty good deal.

3. Care package from one of my favorite cousins. If I wasn’t already feeling better, this would have perked me right up. And the fact that she got the brownies with walnuts in them proves how just smart she is. (Because I know you are wondering, Mom — it was Alyssa).

4. Ringo and Sam. Sam had a bit of a setback this week, is in some pain and limping more. We either pushed him too far in his physical therapy or he slipped or something. Hopefully we caught it and are caring for it in a way that it doesn’t set him back too much. He has the very best doctor and techs and two humans who love him like crazy, so I’m not worried, (well, sometimes I’m worried, but I know I shouldn’t be). Ringo has been mostly really good while Sam is resting, and when he’s not good he’s so cute that we end up forgiving him for it.

Ringo found this tiny giraffe on our walk the other day and carried it half a block, but I made him leave it because it was too small, a choking hazard. He was out with Eric the next day, found it and carried it the whole way home. Yesterday he found a tennis ball at Little Dog Park and carried it all the way home. Our front porch sometimes looks like the island of misfit toys.

5. Flowers. Some in the bathroom, others in the kitchen, and even a few in my flowerbed. Daffodil season makes me especially happy.

Bonus joy: getting back to Pilates, a warm shower, clean sheets, taking myself out to lunch, getting most of my work done, laughing with Eric, worrying with Eric, Sam getting just a little bit better even though he was worse, being able to do something for Sam even if I can’t completely fix him, practicing patience and surrender, cuddling with Ringo, cleaning up the house, getting the laundry done, good TV, a good book, staying up in bed at night reading, getting a good night’s sleep, my “new” car, our “new” fence, our “new” bathroom, Wild Writing, texting with people I love but don’t get to see every day (or even every year), baby donkeys.

Something Good

Protest sign

Image credit: @womenwhotech

Note: I was sick all week, so didn’t spend much time online and it’s another short list.

1. 31 Morning Journaling Prompts that Will Change the Way You Think.

2. WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? – Official Trailer [HD] (video)

3. Why I Write: An Introvert’s Perspective.

4. The White Allies’ Guide to Collecting Aunt Linda, “10 rules for speaking up on the Internet.”

5. Andrea Gibson – “Good Light” Live from the Boulder Theater (video)

6. How to turn your flaws into your gold, a simple but powerful practice from Andrea Scher.

7. Family Brings Baby Cow Into Their House During A Hurricane. (video) “This tiny baby cow was spotted in a flooded field after Hurricane Harvey. She was very sick, but she fought so hard get better. Today on Comeback Kids: Animal Edition, watch how Harveigh bounced back and grew up to be a happy, sassy cow who has the run of the house — all thanks to her rescuers, and her friendship with a very special pit bull.”

8. Naomi Wadler Speaks to Crowd at D.C. March For Our Lives. (video) “11-year-old Naomi Wadler has more poise and power than most adults you’ve ever met.” In related news, Emma Gonzalez Is Responsible for the Loudest Silence in the History of US Social Protest, and Photos From the March for Our Lives.

9. Julie Yip-Williams, Writer of Candid Blog on Cancer, Dies at 42 on The New York Times.

10. Austin Victims Remembered For Resilience, Radiating Positivity.

11. This tiny home village in Austin is giving homeless people a purpose.

12. AFSHeeN, Rebecca Ferguson – Uncrazy (video). My current favorite song.

13. Fox News Analyst Quits, Calls Network a ‘Propaganda Machine.’ Well, duh.

14. Final Male Northern White Rhino Dies. (video) “The last male northern white rhino has died, leaving only 2 northern white rhinos left on Earth.”

15. This special village plants 111 trees whenever a girl is born. (video)

16. 50 mums and 50 kids. (video)

17. 19 Confessions of an INFJ, the Rarest Personality Type.

18. They Push. They Protest. And Many Activists, Privately, Suffer as a Result.

19. Why the Stormy Daniels story matters, in one paragraph. “Her 60 Minutes interview shows it’s not about sex. It’s about the abuse of power.”

20. White privilege and the gun debate. (video)