Gratitude Friday

1. Practice. I really appreciate the capacity my practice has to calm me down, take the edge of my anxiety, give my despair and rage and sadness a soft place to land.

2. Farmer’s Market. There aren’t as many flowers and they don’t last as long, but there are hand pies and breakfast burritos and apples and fresh bread.

3. A new bed. We’ve been meaning to buy one for a while now, but just never got around to it. Last weekend, we went shopping and were determined to not come home without a new bed. It’s a memory foam mattress, which is new to us, feels a bit like sleeping on a hard marshmallow, but so far so good, (and we have four months to sleep on it and return it to trade for another one if we don’t love it).

Ringo and Sam were pretty sure we should keep the old mattress and let them use it — the biggest dog bed ever.

4. Women. My favorites are funny, smart, creative, and kind. I got to hang out with my very favorite ones this past week — eating, talking, laughing, and writing.

5. My tiny family. I know we don’t get to stay together forever, but I’m sure enjoying the time we have right now.

The sky was on fire

Bonus joy: Recipes I’d been wanting to try turning out yummy, Tums, my toaster oven (which when Eric gave it to me for Christmas seemed like a weird present, but we’ve gotten so much use out of it), cheese quesadillas, fresh farm eggs, clean water, no more yellow jackets, good TV (the latest episode of Better Things was so good), good books (I’m reading The Hate U Give), getting in the pool at the gym, cooler weather, a warm shower and a clean towel.

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