Something Good

1. What’s present now? from Jamie Greenwood. (video) “A quick journaling exercise to help you write your way to calm, clarity and inspired action.” She’s also running another round of her Just F*cking Journal Class, September 25th-30th, “6 days. 6 fresh prompts. 6 ways to reconnect with YOU.” It’s a great class, AND it’s FREE!

2. Speaking of journaling, 10Q starts again Wednesday, September 20th. “10Q emails you a question a day for 10 days. Afterwards, you send your answers to the secure online vault. One year later, your answers are unlocked and returned and the process begins anew.”

3. this is a love song, not an apology: in praise of quitting from Isabel Abbott. So good.

4. Do Something, “5.5 million young people making positive change, both online and off.”

5. Soul Fever, wisdom from Rachel Cole. “For most of human history, we didn’t have television or the news. Reports of what was happening around the world took time to travel. There was no 24/7 play-by-play of natural disasters or moment-to-moment death counts. We’re not designed to handle this much human suffering in real time.”

6. 7 Lessons White People Can Learn From Bodega’s Apology.

7. 10+ Rare Photos Of 9/11 You Probably Haven’t Seen Before.

8. I am white. That’s all you know about me. Am I privileged based on that alone and assuming I am, should I feel guilt and what should I do about it?

9. The Roots of White Supremacy are in Our Bodies.

10. How Knowing This One Date Will Change How You Look at Work Forever.

11. Edgar Allan Poe Was a Broke-Ass Freelancer.

12. New Hampshire Investigates Wounding of 8-Year-Old as Possible Hate Crime from The New York Times. In related news, Interview: Mother of 8-Year-Old Nearly Hanged in NH Speaks Out on Moving Forward With Her Son.

13. Amber Tamblyn Pens Open Letter to James Woods. “Only you and your darkness know who you are. Only you and your actions know what you’ve done. That means you and only you have the power to change your behavior.” In related news, Asking Questions Louis C.K. Doesn’t Want to Answer on The New York Times.

14. ‘What Were You Wearing?’ exhibit at KU takes aim at sexual assault myth.

15. This Groundbreaking Summer Camp Lets LGBT Kids Be Who They Are.


16. Support the Arreguin Family.

17. Steve Irwin’s Son Is An Award Winning Photographer And These Photos Show Why.

18. 10 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To In The Era of 45.

19. People Getting Surprised With Puppies.

20. This restaurant owner opened his doors to anyone in need during Hurricane Irma. (video)

21. Understanding White Supremacy, and how to defeat it. (video)

22. Times My Doctor Didn’t Listen To My Pain. (video)

23. Recipes I’d like to try: Chicken & Dumplings (video) and Veggie Wedges 4 Ways.

24. The portrayal of black men on Queen Sugar is unlike anything else on television. (video)

25. Black people built this country. (video)

26. Jemele Hill is Right.

We can argue all we want about what is or isn’t appropriate for a sports talk show host to comment on or whether Hill’s Tweets were abrasive to some, but that’s a fruitless diversion; it’s just talking around what we should be talking about here. It’s disingenuous for supporters of this President to feign offense at Hill’s tone or her bluntness. If they really want to call out vile hatred, stereotyping, and bullying—they need to check his recent resume again. That white people are more incensed by her comments than by Trump’s body of work, is exactly why we have a problem here.

27. Wild Mystic Woman Podcast, Ep010: Andrea Ranae On Coaching As Activism.

28. Sam Smith – Too Good At Goodbyes, (video).

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