Daily Archives: September 8, 2017

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks with the dogs. It is officially fall here, with the darker, cooler mornings, and the green things starting to turn color. There was a bit of extra excitement this week because there was a young bear roaming our neighborhood — which isn’t unusual for where we live, especially this time of year. We had to be extra careful for a few days though.

2. The last surge of the garden. We are getting a few more strawberries and rose blooms.

3. Farmer’s Market flowers in the bathroom. I can feel the turn of seasons here too, as there are different varieties in the mix, and bouquets that lasted almost two weeks at the beginning of summer barely last until Thursday now.

4. Summer food. The peaches are done, but there are apples now. The corn is on its way out, but the watermelon is still good. And we still technically have bbq almost every night because if Eric can cook it on the grill, he will.

5. My tiny family. We are healthy, relatively sane, safe, and together.

Bonus joy: aqua aerobics, being in the swimming pool, technology that allows me to stay connected to people, good TV (just finished The Defiant Ones), good books (just finished I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings this morning), my not new anymore but newer car, my not new anymore but newer bathroom, finding a good company to put in a new fence for us, being able to help, wise and compassionate humans who haven’t given up, good lotion, a warm shower, a clean towel.