Gratitude Friday


image by Eric

1. Christmas cards. I’m not so good about sending them, but I sure like getting them.

2. Pine Ridge Holiday Project. I am only now remembering that I forgot to blog about this so you could take part too, if you wanted to — although, my guess is that if you email Julie, she might have some last minute people she needs to get gifts for that she’d love you to help with. I was able to get the same kids for the third year in a row, and this year I got their Grandma too. I love having enough that I can share.

3. Clearing stuff out, being able to let go — which is good, because there’s a lot that needs to go.

4. Warmer temperatures. Especially because that means I get to go on the walk in the morning (it’s a whopping 16 degrees today!). When it’s below 10, Eric takes Sam so they can run and stay warmer, which means I haven’t gone on the morning walk all week.

5. Intuitive Eating group. We had our last call this week, but there’s a longing to continue working together, supporting each other, and I am so grateful for that, for those women.

hiking yesterday with Dad, looking for deer

hiking yesterday with Dad, looking for deer

Bonus Joy: Sam, how he barks at stuff when I’m the only one home, and how when I come out to see what it is, if I say “shhh,” he stops barking. We are two different species who don’t speak the same language so the fact that we can communicate so effectively seems like some kind of magic.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Good for you! Some years I do them, but I tend to write a full letter to each person and it takes a lot of time that most years I just don’t have. Wishing you a wonderful weekend as well, full of rest and ease.

  1. Alane

    i send out less cards now than i did before (for various reasons) i like to tell people all year round how special they are to me 🙂 xo xo

  2. Jen Allen

    I’m getting started on my cards this weekend. I hope. I love the whole process of them. I was kinda waiting for us to get a photo to put in the card, which may happen this afternoon when the husband’s friend comes over. I always write a lovely little note to the people the card is going to – while I love getting cards, it always seems so impersonal to just get one that is signed or even worse – not even signed. Because I’ve moved so much, and because the husband has so many friends, there will be between 60-80 to send. *sigh* But I love it ❤


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