Daily Archives: August 20, 2013

Full Sturgeon Moon Dreamboard

The Full Sturgeon Moon asks: What is your intuition telling you about your dreams?

Shinning, glimmering, reflecting
just below the surface
in the waters of deep knowing
something comes alive.

Notice, be aware,
pay attention.
What truth is there?
What message?
What wants to be born?

The red of the root,
bottom of the spine,
fierce sleeping power.
The enemy of ignorance.

Greatest joy,
natural pleasure,
delight in controlling passion,
and blissfulness in concentration.

Hands held in the Gyan mudra,
waking up the root,
grounding the practice,
calm, concentrated —
the heart opens.

Follow your path into teaching,
in your life and in the world.

Easy, effortless,
where the heart is,
exhale powerful healing,
strength and balance.

You’ve read the books,
write the books.
Grab your boots,
your pen, and your mat.
Write the world,
blood and breath are your ink.

#augustbreak2013 Day 20


Yes, we did already do this prompt once. When I saw it this morning, I checked the list to see if there were other repeats, ones Susannah must have thought big enough to be worth doing twice, but taste was the only one. I figured, “must just be that important.” Then later, I saw her post on both Facebook and Instagram, “So yeah, taste again for the ‪#‎augustbreak2013‬ – that wasn’t an intentional repeat! Just what happens when you put things together too quickly ;)”

samtasteGetting ready to go on our walk this morning, I was eating a granola bar. Sam gets very excited about this, both because it’s a sign that we are “getting ready,” and because he knows I’ll share. I put the bar down on the bed while I got on my socks, and Sam waits so patiently for me to break off tiny bits to treat him. He has to work very hard at this, sometimes sitting and staring intently at the bar, and sometimes lying down and doing his best to not look at it at all, waiting for a taste.

peachpieoatmealLater, back from our walk, I make myself a proper breakfast. It’s one of my favorite tastes, peach pie oatmeal, which is equal parts peach pie and oatmeal. Sam isn’t interested in this taste at all.