Daily Archives: August 30, 2013

Gratitude Friday

1. Lunch with good friends, wise conversation and joyful laughter.

2. Brene’ Brown on Oprah’s Lifeclass. I stumbled on the live streaming version of the first two sessions the other day. So good.

3. Plenty from our garden. We are in the sweet spot where we pick this many tomatoes e v e r y day.

harvest4. Three day weekend AND payday, falling on the same weekend.

5. Making reservations for a month in Waldport. Maybe it seems too early to be making firm plans for next summer already, but I didn’t want to risk someone else getting “our” house.

Bonus Joy: my little family.


#augustbreak2013 Day 30


I don’t like graffiti, the destruction, the aggression it represents, the assertion of dominance and ownership so like one of my dogs peeing on something, intending to mark it, claim it.

Other times, I think it’s kind of beautiful, like the one here.
Sometimes, it can feel like a sign from the Universe, a message just for me.

Sometimes, it’s even funny.