Daily Archives: August 29, 2013

#augustbreak2013 Day 29

Your Fave Thing

favoritepenI wasn’t sure how to answer this one at first. My very favorite thing is of course Eric, we say to each other all the time “you are my favorite,” but he’s not exactly a “thing.” I was considering this prompt as I sat at my writing desk this morning, started to look around, see what might be my fave thing. I love many of the things on my shrines, but I already shared those the other day.

Then I looked down and saw one of my favorite things, my Pentel Clarius refillable pen, made in Japan. When I think about it, how I have two, one that stays home and one that travels with me, how it’s what I always use to write, it makes me tear up a little, makes me feel like a “real” writer.

Wishcasting Wednesday (on a Thursday)

What Do You Wish to Savour?

…my mornings. I get up at 4:30 a.m. and for the first hour or two, my only responsibility is to feed the dog. I pull a tarot card, meditate, write, check my email, Facebook, Instagram, maybe read or write a blog post — time just for me, to practice and contemplate.

…time alone with Sam, having just one dog, just him for a brief time.

…my yoga practice, as I continue to direct compassion towards my body, to be present with it, as I prepare to start teacher training.

…my mediation practice, to relax into that vast, open space, to trust that is always there, always available and accessible.

…my writing practice, the opportunity to go deeper, to more fully experience and understand, to open my heart.

…the transition between seasons, summer to fall, even as I chant “it’s too hot” to remember this time is passing, to notice that things are manifesting their final foliage, blooms and fruits.

…the plenty from my garden, this time of so many tomatoes and cucumbers that we can’t possibly eat them all ourselves, the temporary sweetness of their full, fresh flavor.

…the opportunities coming, the chance to spend time with amazing teachers and good friends.

…each task, seen through until its completion, rather than rushing past some of the details to hurry to the next thing.

…the abundance that is my life now, how simple and small, how deep and wide, how perfect.

Like my dear friend Julia wrote in a recent poem, I wish to savour this life, this experience, and to

Slow way down
get close and closer
listen like crazy
to your life