Daily Archives: August 9, 2013

Gratitude Friday

1. Hiking with Eric and Sam. One of my favorite things with two of my favorite boys.

2. Connecting with friends. I know and love some really amazing women, smart and funny and courageous, and whether they are making me laugh with a Facebook post, sending me a sweet email, sitting next to me at a movie, wowing me by posting an amazing picture on Instagram, inspiring me with some brave move, sitting across a table from me sharing an ideas, or leaning in to listen to one of mine, I am so so lucky to have them.

trailsign023. Eric, the pies he makes me, hugs he gives, texts he sends with pictures of Sam, pictures he takes for me while he and Sam are out hiking, the sound of him asleep next to me. He’s my favorite.

4. It’s August, and everything here is still so green.

5. The surprise of a baby bird.

Bonus Joy: Sam, who continues to give me a place to put all my dog love.