Daily Archives: August 7, 2013

Wishcasting Wednesday


Wishcasting Wednesday is back, and this week Jamie asks, “What simple pleasures do you wish to enjoy?”

Flowers on my writing desk.
Warm peach pie.
Cold, crisp watermelon.
Cucumbers and tomatoes fresh from our garden.
Reading fiction.
Watching a movie.
Folding clean laundry.
My favorite spoon.
Clean sheets.
Birds singing and crickets chirping in the still dark of early morning.
The sound of wind rustling the leaves of an Aspen tree.
An afternoon thunderstorm on a hot day.
Dog sighs.
A hot shower.
A long walk.
Pictures of Dexter.
Texts from Eric.
The way Sam stretches out for a nap and takes up a whole couch.
The way Sam greets me at the door with a toy.
The perfect avocado.
Sleeping in.
Green lights all the way there.
Hiding in the bathroom.
Closing the door, or the curtains.
Getting a card or letter in the mail.
Making someone laugh.
The perfect pair of socks.
Twinkle lights.
Sitting in a lawn chair in the backyard.
The surprise of a hummingbird.
Rocky Mountain Bee Plants covered in a riot of honey bees.
Sunday morning yoga class.
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning yoga class.
Ten minutes of meditation.
The sky.
Memories of the ocean.
The way someone smiles at me when they really and truly love me, the way they lean in and listen to what I have to say.