Holy Wow.

Ever since I wrote about it the other day in a post, I keep asking myself “What is my heart hungry for? What does it crave?”  Yesterday, I was a little cranky about it, responding “What my heart wants right now is three kinds of cheese on this grilled sandwich,” or “My heart wants you to shut up and stop asking it so many questions,” and finally “My heart wants a shot of tequila and then a nap.”

But, I keep asking.  Once, when I was petting Sam, and he was wiggling closer to me, I thought “it wants more of this.”  I also noticed a few times when I didn’t give it what it needed, made it do something else instead–work on a “have to/should” task or keep going when it required rest–and I felt its sadness, the despair, how it gives up when I don’t listen.

Photo by easyrab

This morning, in that moment between asleep and awake, the question again, “What is my heart hungry for, what does it crave?” and an answer: grace.
I snapped awake, with a deep “Yes!” and a second later thought, “Well, that’s just about the sappiest thing I have ever heard.  And anyway, how do I give it ‘grace’, how does that even work?”  Then I looked up the word, what it meant.


  • elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action
  • a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment
  • favor or goodwill (kindness, love)
  • a manifestation of favor (forgiveness, charity, mercifulness)
  • mercy, clemency, pardon


  • to lend or add grace to, adorn
  • to favor or honor (glorify, beautify, elevate, honor, enhance)

Holy wow.  Light bulb on, aha, oh yeah, yes please, amen.

That answer came from somewhere, my intuition, my basic wisdom, the Universe, and caused a shift, a deep knowing.  It was magic and it was true.

Grace.  It’s the word, the potion, the answer.

  • What is your heart hungry for, what does it crave?

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