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There is so much good.

Today is the second day of Blogtoberfest 2011.  This is a festival started in 2009 by Cathy, or {tinniegirl}, a blogger from Australia.  The way she describes it is that:

By signing up you are taking on the challenge to post daily to your blog in October.blogtoberfestI like to think that Blogtoberfest is a celebration of the best things about blogging – self expression, creativity, community and fun.  It’s also a great way to celebrate the ordinary and every day.

Even though I have been posting to this blog almost every day, I like the idea of committing to do so with a group of like minded people. There is power in groups, in community, especially when that group is committed to all the good things: self expression, creativity, community and fun.

Then next month is “National Novel Writing Month.” I might have to call this the “Fall of Writing,” not to be confused with the “fall of writing.”  This ambition, this new found…what do I call it?  I need a word that means the opposite of stuck.

One friend who is a yoga teacher and another who is an Ayurvedic practitioner, both told me recently that the equinox could in part explain the energy I am feeling.  The equinox (which happened on September 23rd) has an equal amount of day and night, light and dark.  It’s a time of change and balance, transition and upset, contraction and expansion.

One reminded me to be careful of “shiny monkey mind,” and to not confuse excitement with happiness.  She said that this epoch or the period of time we are in now, which started around 1987, was said by prophecy of Tibetan Monks to be “the age of levitation.”  It was said that during this time, 50% of humans will go insane and 50% will become much more enlightened. These are our choices: crazy or enlightened.  Stuck or levitating.  

As I consider all of this, I think about how we have a choice.  We always have a choice of manifesting light or seeking the darkness. And right now, there are good things happening, people doing good, even great work, in both big and small ways.  There is a whole tribe of people who can be found on the internet who are working, individually but also as a collective, towards empowering others, moving through their own fear so that others can see the way and follow.  Their single shared value is compassion.

For example, the End Malaria Day project.

Or, Karen Armstrong and her work with the “Charter for Compassion.”

Or, the “Link with Love” project, whose hope is “that art, music, photography, words, design, ideas, etc – be shared in a way that is respectful, educated and kind.” Or Brene’ Brown’s Free-Range Social Media Project.

Or the Girl Effect Project, and the related October 4th Blogger event.

And that’s just the short list.  Given a few hours, I could find hundreds more.  And the best news is that we are all invited! It’s a huge love fest, and every one is allowed to join in.  Do something good for yourself.  Do something nice for someone else.  Say “thank you.”  Say “I love you.” Say “Oh!  Look at that.  Isn’t it amazing?”  Close your eyes.  Take three deep breaths.  Be kind.

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