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Girl Effect: Three Truths and One Wish

My other task for this Tuesday is to write about Girl Effect.  Many other people have committed to write a similar post, (if you are a fellow blogger, it’s not too late to join in).

“The most powerful force of change on the planet is a girl.”

Three Truths: See more on the Girl Effect Fact Sheet (PDF)

  1. Today, more than 600 million girls live in the developing world.
  2. When a girl in the developing world receives seven or more
    years of education, she marries four years later and has 2.2
    fewer children.
  3. Approximately one-quarter of girls in developing countries are not in school.

One Wish:

  • I wish that everyone who reads this post would watch the video below.  I wish it would touch their hearts like it did mine.  I wish they would go to the Girl Effect website and learn more.  I wish that what they learn will motivate them to do something good, something that would help, like it has me.

Okay, I realize that was more than just one wish, but I dare you.

Tuesday: Three Truths and One Wish

I was thinking the other day that I should start some sort of regular, once a week feature on this blog.  Actually, {tinniegirl}, who is hosting Blogtoberfest, suggested it in a recent post.  So this morning, in that space between awake and asleep, an idea appeared: three truths and one wish.

Then I had to figure out what day to post this feature: Monday is typically viewed as the beginning of the week, and Friday as the end.  Then there’s Sunday, the sacred day of rest.  But, today is Tuesday.  I want to do it today.  Then I thought: Tuesday = T = Three Truths.  Wednesday, the next day = W = Wish.  Tuesday, truth, is now, and Wednesday, a wish, is that future that will come after, what will follow truth.  Perfect. Tuesday it is.  And, dear reader, please be aware that this magic math is the only kind I can perform.

  • Truth: I love books and reading.  I am a bibliophile, a person who collects or has a great love of books. I am usually reading 2-5 at any given time, a bad habit I developed in graduate school.
  • Truth: My favorite things to read are coming of age or redemption narratives, creative non-fiction or fiction, either one.
  • Truth: I also love reading about people and the dogs they love.
  • Wish: To publish a memoir about my own coming of age and redemption, including the dogs I love.

In light of this list, Leo Babauta of zenhabits.net just wrote a post called “How to Read More: A Lover’s Guide” that you might be interested in.

  • Go ahead, make a wish.

Picture by Brenda Starr