Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. Sometimes, if I beg and beg, Ringo will even look at the camera and let me take a picture. This week we had some foggy mornings and saw a heron, a few deer, a beaver and a fox. It really and truly is full on fall now, and I love it. The rabbit brush in bloom is one of my favorite things about this season.

2. A “new” tiny family. I haven’t been allowed to write about it here for legal reasons, but now I’m allowed to say something: yesterday one of my best friends officially adopted her baby. It’s been a long time coming and much of the process was so hard, heartbreaking, but he’s here, to stay, for good. I’m so grateful to get to be part of the village that raises and loves him.

3. Practice. I’ve had a consistent meditation practice for over 10 years, and this week I decided to add another 10 minutes to my morning sit. It was time.

4. Good food. This week was also my same friend’s birthday, so I made her some zucchini breads and she gave me some peaches from her garden that I used to make compote to spoon on my oatmeal in the morning.

5. My tiny family. Ringo had various vet appointments this week, for his chronic wonky belly and his arthritic elbows, and even when he had to have blood drawn, he did SO good. I love getting to spend lazy days at home with him, hanging out and playing and “singing” and cuddling and napping. And Eric, well, he’s my favorite.

Bonus joy: good health practitioners to support both me and Ringo — wise and kind and funny, clean laundry, cooler weather, chrysanthemums, other people’s dogs, good TV (especially DCI Banks), podcasts (in particular My Favorite Murder), good books (too many to list), good music, masks and vaccines, a clean desk to work on, bare feet on soft green grass, good neighbors, naps, aqua aerobics, sitting in the sauna, training with Shelby, hanging out with Calyx, texting with Mom and Chris and Carrie, reading in bed at night while Eric and Ringo sleep.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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