Begin Again, (as many times as necessary)

Today is my blogiversary. Ten years ago today, I published my first post, titled simply, “Beginning.” At first, only a few people knew I was blogging. I needed there to at least be the possibility someone might read what I posted, something to keep me accountable. I’d tried blogging before but had never stuck with it, never had a good enough reason for it, certainly not one that was sustainable. I’d get bored, run out of gas, forget why I started in the first place, and I’d quit, give up.

Over time, I told more people about my blog and even more people found it on their own. I was experiencing big shifts in my life and I wanted to write about them, process them for myself but also share what I was going through, the ways I was struggling and the ways I was figuring it out, in the hopes it might be helpful to someone else. Every post I made eased my suffering, kept me from giving up, and I hoped that it might do the same for anyone reading.

Since then, I’ve published 2263 posts. At various times, I’ve blogged for 30 days straight, taking part in various challenges. I came up with some regular features and special projects for myself as well. Other times, like recently, I haven’t posted as much, have posted more pictures and links to all the other good stuff and hard things humans are doing. And yet the intention has always been the same: ease suffering, don’t give up.

Honestly, it’s been hard this past year to keep my focus, in particular on the book I’m writing. I’m so tempted as I work on it to post what I’m writing here, to share it with you in pieces instead of waiting until it’s finished. Not posting as much here makes me miss you, feels a little lonely sometimes. But this book carries the same message: Being human is hard, (“life is beautiful and brutal, tender and terrible — keep your heart open”), but please don’t give up.

Eric and I did some calculations using my total word count here and figured out I’ve shared the equivalent of at least 12 books, (I wish writing the “real” one I’m working on came as easy to me as writing here). What I’ve written about has stayed consistent with who I am and what I’m experiencing, AND both have changed over time.

In a post on my fifth blogiversary, I wrote something that is still just as true now:

I’ve learned so much, cried so much, laughed so hard, and shared so much good stuff. This practice, this space, my kind and gentle readers, is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, one of the best things I’ve ever made happen.

Thank you so much for showing up, kind and gentle reader. I’m so grateful for your compassion, your curiosity, your company. We are still here, together. We haven’t given up, and that is worth celebrating.

10 thoughts on “Begin Again, (as many times as necessary)

  1. Joy Christin

    Wow!! Happy ten years. Thank you for sharing here in this space. Yours is one of the few subscription emails I’ve kept because I greatly enjoy reading what you choose to share.

    1. Krissie

      Ditto i second that.
      Im writing a book too, its a memoir of sorts…hardest thing I’ve ever done. Good luck with yours.

  2. Cynthia Lee

    I love beginning again. It feels like resurrection. and I have done just that, blogging again. and not just blogging but intentionally seeking out the bloggers. reading their words. connecting.


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