Daily Archives: March 27, 2020

Gratitude Friday

1. You, kind and gentle reader. I wish I could give every single one of you a hug right now, sit down together with a cup of tea and ask you how you are doing, cook you a meal, go for a walk. Since I can’t, this will have to do, and this is such a blessing. May you be safe, may you be well, may you find some ease, and my you be happy.

2. Technology. I know that it gets us in trouble sometimes, fails us in some ways, presents us with new complications, can be frustrating, but I can’t even imagine what this moment in time would be like if I didn’t have such easy access to information, news, music, podcasts, TV, movies, books, video conferencing, YouTube workouts, recipes, online shopping (especially for groceries), virtual therapy, online hangouts with friends, email, texting with the people I love, this blog, Facebook and Instagram. And that doesn’t even include technologies like indoor plumbing, water treatment, electricity, etc.

3. Practice. Even on a regular day when there’s no immediate threat of any kind, I depend on practice to survive, to stay sane, and that is only more true now.

4. Daily workouts with Eric. This was us after our workout today, sweaty and happy, (I swear, Eric has pants on). We are both so much happier when we move, and without the gym and yoga studio, we’ve had to get creative. The schedule I’m trying right now is every other day, I walk dogs with Eric and we do yoga together, and on the opposite days, we do a HIIT workout from YouTube (we’ve been enjoying Body Coach TV) and I do some yoga on my own. It really helps with my state of mind. And to be clear, that’s just me, what I need, and in no way is intended to imply that anyone else has to use this time to move in any sort of way that doesn’t make them feel good, calm and safe. You do you!

5. Morning walks. I’m going more often now, and it feels so good to get outside. I’m grateful we are used to walking early, before anyone else is really out. With the time change, it’s still pretty dark, with the sun only starting to rise as we are on our way back home.

6. My tiny family. I am so so so lucky that I love them so much, that they are my favorite way to spend my time, that everyone so far is safe and well and happy.

Bonus joy: fresh fruits and vegetables which seem so precious right now, sitting out on the patio in the sun, the sound of the birds in the morning, our irises and tulips and daffodils starting to come up, everything getting green, the people I know who’ve been sick getting better, hanging out with Chloe’ and Mikalina, texting with my brother and mom, pick up groceries (we wanted to try delivery but that service is overwhelmed), buying seeds for our garden (we are planting ALL THE THINGS this year), clean water, how well Sam did at his physical therapy appointment without me (they came out and got him out of the car, physical distancing from the humans to keep the vets and techs safe, doubly important to me because they not only take care of my dogs but they are my yoga students and I love them so much, want them all to be safe and well), that I live in a state where our leadership is being so careful, finally having a year where we’ll get a refund on our taxes (all due to the electric car we bought, the refund for which will pay off our other car), sunshine, reading in bed at night while Eric and the dogs sleep, napping with Sam, Ringo getting the zoomies in the backyard, a kitchen counter love note from Eric even though neither one of us are leaving the house much right now, all the plants that Eric had to bring home from his office, (I’d wanted more plants, just not like this).