Gratitude Friday

1. I’m still here. This past week was rough. I’m still healing from getting my tooth pulled, adjusting to the restricted diet, and then I had a colonoscopy, (Happy 50th!). None of it was any fun. As an HSP, body stuff like that ends up being particularly traumatic. And yet, through it all, I continue to be so grateful – to be here, to keep going, to have totally normal, boring days.

2. Practice. It keeps me sane, allows me to work with all the hard things.

3. Flowers in the bathroom. The new ones from this week, and the ones leftover from last week on my writing desk.

4. Our garden. I’m not really supposed to be eating anything crunchy or with seeds because of the stitches in my mouth, but the Japanese cucumbers from our garden are so good that I’ve been scraping out the seeds and taking the risk. Our watermelons and pumpkins are really starting to fill out.

5. My tiny family. I have to go back to work next week and am going to miss not getting to spend so much time with them, but for now I’m not going to waste too much time thinking about it.

Ringo Blue loves it when he finds a toy when we are out walking, will carry it all the way home

Bonus joy: Clean sheets, clean water, our “new” fence, grilled cheese sandwiches, hummus, aqua aerobics, Pilates, morning walks, afternoon rain, good books, texting, going to see movies with Eric, french toast, sleeping in my own bed, doing laundry (I know, I’m weird like that), the flowers in our garden, good neighbors, having the whole summer off and not checking my work email once, opportunities that arise simply because I showed up as I am, confidence in my decisions, a good night’s sleep, an awesome massage.


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