Daily Archives: August 24, 2018

Gratitude Friday

1. Eric made me a giant peach galette. Seriously, this picture does not come close to communicating how GIANT this thing is. I’m doing my best, y’all.

2. Fresh pesto and tortellini. It’s what’s for dinner, just about every other night around here because I made so much and it tastes so good and both of us are way too tired to cook.

3. Teaching yoga. Somehow all three of the classes I sub for needed me this week. I’m just so proud of myself for being able to say “yes,” for being able to show up and teach from the truth of whatever arises.

4. Good vet care. We have so many good options – regular care, physical therapy, and specialists. Ringo went to the CSU vet hospital dermatology unit last week, so we went to his regular vet to check in a few days later. He’s been really scared the past year or so, hides under the chair, but since he didn’t need to actually be checked, we just hung out with his vet while she fed him treats. She has three cattle dogs herself, and loves Ringo so much, is so sad he doesn’t love her back, so it made her day when by the end of our visit, he kissed her goodbye.

5. My tiny family. Now that I’m back at work, I don’t get to see them as much. When I do, it’s that much sweeter.

Bonus joy: Hanging out with Mikalina, going to a movie with Eric, good TV (I’m still into BBC shows about broken but brilliant detectives, have been watching Luther this week), good books (I have a whole stack on my kitchen table that are going to be so good), good movies (saw BlacKkKlansman), a cold glass of clean water, clean sheets, having all the laundry done on Friday, working from home, aqua aerobics, swimming lessons (my teacher is so good), sitting in the sauna, cooler weather, how easy it is to just text someone, Pilates, Japanese cucumbers, watermelon, grilled cheese sandwiches, butterflies, grasshoppers, a dog sigh, cuddling, taking a nap.