Gratitude Friday


image by eric

I forgot it was Friday…

1. Warmer weather, less wind, a full moon. With a new puppy, this has made it easier to get outside, stay outside for awhile.

2. Eric. I do not know what I would do without him.

3. Snuggle Puppy. Ringo has been settling down to sleep at night pretty well, and I think it’s all because of his toy that is warm and has a battery operated heartbeat.

4. Water. A tall glass of clean, cold water.

5. A hot shower. Flossing my teeth, using the good hand lotion.

Bonus Joy: Sam. After a bit of a rough start with the new pup, he’s being so good with him. And yesterday he had a rough day that included another trip to the Neurologist, but he was so good about all of it.



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