Daily Archives: January 9, 2014

#smallstone: Vision

Letting go of 2013.
May I be cleansed of
old hurt and deep sorrow
worry and anxiety
confusion and doubt
wanting to control the chaos
to fix everything
needing to know, to be sure.

May I clear the way
of clutter
of obstacles
of anything that no longer serves me,
make a space
clear some room
open up.

May I be safe
May I be happy
May I be healthy
May I be content
May I love myself completely
and with great kindness
just as I am now
no matter what happens.

Inviting 2014
a new vision comes
welcoming whatever might arise.

“The secret to abundance
lies in striking a balance
between not enough
and way too much.
Intention and intuition.
Effort balanced with ease.

What I wished for
108 times
while standing in the light
“May you be happy
May you be peaceful
May you be free from suffering.”

Dancing in the sand at dusk
the world softly lit
my feet and eyes on the ground
my arms stretched out like wings
I am becoming.
“Life is a journey
and every woman
travels her own road.”

Give yourself time to be
stronger, healthier, happier.
“Indispensable, the knowledge that
you can always find your way home again.”
ease & simplicity,
home sweet home.

As Ryushin Sensei said,
“Practice starts precisely where we find ourselves,
which for many of us
is a place of heartbreak,
suffering, alienation and doubt.
But it is precisely there,
within those circumstances,
that we start.”

Trust yourself.
Don’t give up.
You are adored.
You are boundless.
Let go and come back.
Begin again.