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Ringo Blue

ringomaybe02This is Ringo Blue, Boy #4, our fourth boy, our therapy dog, our new puppy. He was born on purpose. It was a different way for a dog to come into my life, a difficult choice after having rescued three. But it’s so clear that the way this happened is exactly how he was supposed to come to us.

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for long know that we have lost two dogs to fatal cancers in the past four years, and now our Sam has a mysterious neurological issue. We’ve had a rough go of things. It’s been so hard that when Dexter died and then Sam started getting worse, I even considered not getting anymore dogs, ever.


obi and dexter, boy #1 and boy #2

At the very least, we decided to wait. We were hoping with time that we’d stop feeling like we were just waiting for the next bad thing to happen, that we’d be ready in invite another dog in, even knowing that eventually he would break our hearts. As we were waiting, I posted this status update on Facebook,

I’ve rescued three times, give a monthly regular donation to my local no kill shelter, and believe in rescue with my whole entire heart, and yet… lately both Eric and I have been looking into Cattle Dog breeders in Colorado. Two reasons: Dexter was one of the best dogs ever and we believe it was due to his Cattle Dog-ness, and we have had two dogs with fatal cancers and other health issues and another who has a weird tick that could be something neurological or at the very least unexplained, so the idea of getting a dog from a healthy, known line is pretty appealing. And yet, even with all the heartache, I’m not sure I can go through with it. So, dear Universe, when we are ready, please, I am begging you, put the right dog for us and for Sam at the right place, make it easy for us to find him. And please could he be joyful, playful, and a cuddler. Love you. Love, Me.

The Universe got on it almost immediately. Just a few hours after making the post, my brilliant dog friend sent me a message introducing me to a local Cattle Dog person, suggesting we keep in touch in case she knew of any available dogs. This new person immediately responded saying she was going to visit a litter of puppies that weekend, and maybe I should connect with their person. I did, and looking at puppy pictures, talking with their person, I knew.


It was the same feeling I had when I saw Dexter listed on Lifeline Puppy Rescue’s website. All it said was “11 week old male, German Shepherd mix,” didn’t even have a picture, but I told Eric he was our dog. He said “we’ll see when we get there,” but I knew. Same thing with Sam. We were planning to go to Lifeline that weekend, but I was home sick midweek, looking on Craigslist and saw a post about Sam and his brother, two siblings rescued through Animal House Rescue. I sent the link to Eric and he said it wouldn’t hurt to email the foster mom. As soon as she responded, I knew.

Same thing this time. The new friend who went to visit the pups said they were amazing, told me about one boy in particular. When we went to visit, it’s the same boy that came over to me and sat at my feet. As soon as I picked him up, I knew. However their person still wasn’t sure who was going home with who, so we had to wait to know for sure, but I told Eric, “Boy #4 is ours, I just know it.”

This is me holding him for the first time. Do you see how he’s looking at me? I think maybe he knew too.


#smallstone: Glitter

newyearseveyogaThe studio where I’m doing yoga teacher training shares a bathroom with an art studio that hosts kids’ birthday parties. Walking down the hallway, past the paintings of monkeys drying on the floor in the common area, the door to “Juiced on Imagination” is open. A long table is surrounded by little girls wearing pink construction paper crowns covered in glitter and stickers. They are eating cupcakes and chattering like little birds, fingers covered in paint. I look down and notice glitter on the floor of the hallway.

Later, as we are practicing pranayama, breathing deep into our bellies, I notice that our teacher has glitter on her cheek. We are all connected, can’t help but get our sparkle all over each other, all over the spaces we inhabit. No matter how different we might seem, we are the same.