Daily Archives: January 7, 2014

#smallstone: Pictures

samhikingloryMy favorite thing about smartphones is that they have a camera, which means Eric can text me pictures when he and Sam are hiking.

samhikinglory02I wish I could be with them, instead of at work like I usually am, but second best is to be able to see what they see, how beautiful it is, to know that they are together there, that they are thinking of me.

ericandsamhikingloryThe only thing better would be if dogs knew how to text, if they could learn English and how to spell, take a picture and attach it. Then I could send Sam a message when we are at work and he’s home alone, ask him how he’s doing, tell him I love him and we’ll be home soon. He’d text me back a selfie of himself on the couch, “Keeping an eye on things here. Everything is okay. About to take another nap. Love and miss you, Mom!” That would be awesome.