#smallstone: Pictures

samhikingloryMy favorite thing about smartphones is that they have a camera, which means Eric can text me pictures when he and Sam are hiking.

samhikinglory02I wish I could be with them, instead of at work like I usually am, but second best is to be able to see what they see, how beautiful it is, to know that they are together there, that they are thinking of me.

ericandsamhikingloryThe only thing better would be if dogs knew how to text, if they could learn English and how to spell, take a picture and attach it. Then I could send Sam a message when we are at work and he’s home alone, ask him how he’s doing, tell him I love him and we’ll be home soon. He’d text me back a selfie of himself on the couch, “Keeping an eye on things here. Everything is okay. About to take another nap. Love and miss you, Mom!” That would be awesome.


4 thoughts on “#smallstone: Pictures

  1. Lucille (in CT)

    Awww…that idea about your dog texting you from home is so sweet. I lost my dear Max just six weeks ago, but when he was still here and home alone during the day, I would think kind of the same thing—-wishing I could call him, reassure him that I’d be home soon, etc. (In the last weeks, I often would come home at lunch—which meant 20 min drive home, 20 min drive back—so very little time in a lunch “hour” to spend with him—-but it was so hard to leave him everyday. (I also wish they could talk. Oh, can you imagine the conversations?!?!)

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      I’m so sorry about Max. We lost our Dexter six months ago, and it makes it so much harder to leave Sam home, because for now he really is alone. I hate that. The only reluctance I have to them talking is I’m afraid I’d find out that they don’t adore me as much as I imagine they do, and I kind of like feeling like I’m the center of their universe.

      1. Lucille in CT

        Too funny!
        My Max was a Sheltie who suffered a break to his tail at birth, so it was amputated before we got him (they said it would never heal). So he didn’t have a tail to wag but would often just stand there from, let’s say, across the room, staring at me, and damn if sometimes be like ‘what buddy?’ and then realize, shoot, if he had a tail, he’d probably be wagging it and then I’d be able to “read” what he was saying to me. Poor guy…!

        A few days after his death, my ex called me to say he had had a dream about Max—he was jumping up and down the stairs (something he hadn’t been able to do in a long time) and barking up to him (at the top of the stairs) and then in the dream, he turns around and …he has a tail! Earrol said: why would I dream of him with a tail? I never picture him with a tail! That means he’s whole again!

        I was happy to hear of this dream but very jealous because I didn’t have one 😦 Still haven’t really… I think that’s making me even sadder. I did have a dream last night of a dog in my backyard that I saw from behind was black (Max was tri-color, so black on his back and sides mostly) but then the dog turned aroudn and it wasn’t him…

        Oh, miss him sooo much.

      2. jillsalahub Post author

        I’ve actually lost two of my dogs in the past few years, and you never stop missing them. I see pictures of the two of them together and I am still surprised that they aren’t here anymore, think “how could that have happened?” My mind knew I would most likely outlive them, and yet my heart finds the reality of that harder to accept. And when people ask how many dogs I have, I really want to say three, but know I’d sound like a crazy person if I had to explain that. The only comfort for me is they are no longer suffering and it makes room for another dog to be as loved as they were.

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