#smallstone: Potty

ringominidWaking at 4:15 am to soft puppy whines. I put on my bathrobe and shoes, get Ringo out of his crate. It’s so dark, I have to judge where he is by feel. When I hit soft fur, a warm round belly, I tuck my hands under his armpits and lift him out. We walk down the dark hallway, him kissing me and whimpering, tiny feet touching my face. Outside, the sky is clear and full of stars, the moon so bright I don’t need to wear my head lamp. The cool air feels fresh, this moment easy and calm. When he’s finished, he comes over and sits at my feet. I scoop him back up and we make our way back to bed.

11 thoughts on “#smallstone: Potty

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Thanks, Nonnie. And yes, it is nice to have a fenced yard, since he is barely tolerating wearing a collar right now and has no clue what to do when I attach a leash to it.

  1. Mary Montanye

    I love his ears. I can imagine the sweet smell of his puppy breath. Thank you for sharing him with us. I don’t know him and I love him because of you.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Maybe you’ll get to meet him some day Mary, either in Colorado or Oregon. He’ll be coming with us this summer, be a little more grown up by then. ♥

  2. patricia flasch

    Hi Jill: I haven’t had a puppy in 3 years and I’m yearning for one – your blog is moving me forward, thanks Patricia (met you at Laurie Wagner’s class in California


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