Life Rehab Resources: Courtney Carver

liferehabresourcesCourtney Carver is a total badass. I mean it. I’ve even said it to her face. I am so inspired by her, in awe of her. She lives with pure intention.

I am inspired by Courtney’s personal story. She had the stuff, the house, the job, the overwhelm and the overcommitment, was doing it all like you are supposed to in order to be satisfied and happy, but it wasn’t working out like “they” said it would, so she changed her life, made different choices. She describes it this way, “I have made a bunch of money and spent even more. I have been too busy, too tired, too full, too stressed and too overworked for too long and I’ve changed my ways.” She simplified her life so that she could truly live it. Here’s a great summary of her story on Real Life Minimalists.

I am inspired by Courtney’s blog, Be More With Less. I immediately feel calmer and more focused when I visit, as her site has no ads and a minimalist design, and her content is focused and clear, gets right to the point. Courtney shares without shaming, makes a gentle and compassionate offering. She’s found what is true for her, and offers her story, her wisdom without implying it’s Truth, or that because she’s figured out a way, you should do exactly the same thing. She presents it simply as an option, an opportunity, a resource.

I have shared links to hundreds of her posts over the past few years of writing this blog, posts like Love and They Will Think You Are Weird and The Greatest Secret to Productivity That No One is Talking About. She consistently writes things that make me want to live a simpler, better life, and she makes that seem absolutely possible.

Courtney and her offerings have been some of my most important and useful life rehab resources. (She also just so happens to have one of the cutest dogs on the planet.) She recently asked me to write a guest post for her Simplicity in Action series and so much of what I said was learned with her help and support. She really is all kinds of awesome. Check out her blog and find all the ways you can connect with her, access what she has to offer.

4 thoughts on “Life Rehab Resources: Courtney Carver

  1. Rose Cole

    That Courtney is the best of the ” badasses”! I think she might have saved my life! Read my comment to your blog on her site and you will know why!


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