#SmallStone: Day 30

Snow Covered Bikes

Covered in snow and huddled so close together, these two bikes look like something from a dream, much more magical than usual, or are they just as magical as usual but I just don’t normally notice, don’t recognize the beauty of their shape, can’t see beyond their utility, don’t really see them until one cold morning when they are covered in white and the street lamp highlights them like a display in an art gallery, while the moon turns the snow just beyond this circle of light a ghostly lavender blue. In this moment, they look as if they will melt entirely as soon as the sun comes out, are suddenly somehow mortal.

2 thoughts on “#SmallStone: Day 30

  1. Melospiza

    I’ve always felt that bikes have a certain expressive spirit to them. In fact I may or may not have spent years working on an embarrassing poem about the symbolic ramifications of the way my bike and my SO’s bike leaned together in the front hall. Ahem.


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