Daily Archives: October 3, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday

What do you wish to release?

I wish to release…

…the grip anxiety, fear, worry, and panic have on me.

…resistance, rejection, resentment, or anything else that keeps me from experiencing my life just as it is, exactly as I am.

…notions of what life should or shouldn’t be, all dreams, hopes, expectations, fears.

…judgements, the way I evaluate and categorize my experience and people into good or bad, fair or unfair, pleasurable or painful, worthy or unworthy, whole or broken.

I wish to release the search for safety, for solid ground, for a happy ending.

…discursive thought patterns, habitual ways of being that no longer serve me, poverty mentality or any sense of worthlessness, and the way I get hooked and carried away by strong emotions, by the stories I tell myself about them.

…the struggle with impermanence.

…the pain, loss, grief, and trauma.

…the suffering I generate, the problems and pain I create.

I wish to release…



…control, perfection, trying.

…smashing myself to bits.

…all the chatter and crap, the unnecessary stuff that is cluttering my space and my self.

…any hope or fear, any sense of should or have to, any self-hate or self-loathing that still lingers.