Daily Archives: October 23, 2012

Three Truths and One Wish

1. Truth: When I am running away from something for too long, I get too tired. Reality, life is asking that I experience some really hard things right now, and I’ve been resisting, avoiding, even rejecting it, but that only causes me more suffering.

2. Truth: When I’m too tired, my choices come from that confusion. I eat less healthy than I should. It’s too hard to put together a salad, peeling and cutting all of the ingredients, so I just eat the lasagne by itself, and I eat more of it than I need. If I’m too tired, it feels easier to buy and eat the gross lemon cookies from the store than to come home and bake the lemon raspberry bread that I’m really hungry for. When I’m too tired, I skip meditation practice because it feels easier to watch TV, to let my mind go rather than focus it.

3. Truth: The only medicine, the remedy is to stay with what is happening, to open my heart to it, to let go and surrender to it, and to get the rest, the nourishment, and the practice I need in order to be strong enough to stay.

One Wish: That I may keep my heart open, find the strength to do so, provide what I need, the care necessary to maintain this awareness, this wakefulness. I wish to remember what Fiona Robyn said:

In this life, with its impermanence and unpredictability and difficult-things-happening, we need all the help we can get. We need to develop habits that steady us, that provide us with nourishment, that remind us of the beauty around us even in the midst of chaos & loss.