Daily Archives: October 17, 2012

Wishcasting Wednesday

from jamie’s post

What do you wish to express?

Kindness, compassion, love, always and in everything.

Grief. Instead of collecting, hoarding, hiding it away, carrying it around forever and always, quiet and invisible but deadly like a cancer, I wish to breathe it in and then out, feel it fully, share it, give it the time it needs, and then release it, allow it to dissolve, let go.

Wisdom, the kind that comes from stillness, quiet, space. An intelligence that is organic, natural, authentic, vast and deep.

Joy, to share it, sing it, inspire it in others, burn with it.

Wellness, health in body and mind, an open and strong heart, a core, a center that is solid and balanced.

Courage and confidence, authenticity and strength that is of benefit, that eases suffering.

Mindfulness and awareness, being fully present, showing up with an open heart, willing to be with reality as it is, rather than rejecting it or wishing things would be different.

Gratitude, my life as a prayer of thanks–for this opportunity, this grace, this love, this day, this moment, this breath.

Story. I have a story to tell (or two, or 1000) that will hopefully help, an expression of my experience, my most hard won understanding, the most tragic and tender truth.