Daily Archives: September 30, 2012

Full Moon Dreamboard: Corn Moon

From Jamie’s post: “Today we’re celebrating the Full Corn Moon, the beginning of harvest season, a celebration of the fruits of golden summer and a preparation for what is to come.”

What dreams do I wish to bring to fruition?

Maybe it’s because I am just finishing a weekend retreat, but when I thought about this question, my response wasn’t about projects I hoped to complete or accomplishments I wanted to realize or plans I longed to fulfill, it was about my life, the quality of my experience.

I want to simplify, a return to innocence, to quiet and stillness, to fully experience my life without all the clutter and the chatter and the crap.

I want spaciousness. I want freedom. I want peace–internal contentment and calm. I want clarity and kindness, pure wisdom.

I long to ease suffering in the world, including my own. I want to show up and keep my heart open, to know courage, to stay with the beauty and the brutality, the tenderness and the terror.

May you be happy.
May you be peaceful.
May you be free from suffering.

Achieve happiness and balance.
Restore. Simplify. Rest.
Follow your natural instincts.
True to life.

There is a map written on your heart
rivers of wisdom
mountains of kindness
oceans of love
every road leading to wisdom
space and sky
real, tangible, solid and true
waiting to be traveled, to be seen, to be noticed.

Follow the map, the path to your True North,
each letter, each step, each breath
leading straight to the center of your heart,
to the being, the deep middle of your life.

Day of Rest

Growing up, I attended a Catholic church. At a certain point in the mass, the priest would direct the congregation to offer each other “the sign of peace.” This meant turning to the people near you, one by one, and depending on how well you knew them, giving them a hug or shaking their hand and saying “Peace be with you.”

At my Sunday morning yoga class, my teacher ends with this: “Om Shanti, Shanti Om. May there be peace in your hearts, peace in your lives, and peace in the world.”

All of us, every mortal being wants the same thing: to be safe and happy, to have peace. Today, on this day of rest, it is what I am wishing for all of us.

Peace be with you, kind and gentle reader.
May there be peace in your heart, peace in your life, and peace in the world.