Daily Archives: September 10, 2012

Something Good


1. The Four-Part Breath of Grief on Curvy Yoga. Brutal and beautiful.

2. Jilly Ink. Handwriting at its most brilliant.

3. Why it’s okay to be fully properly and awesomely sad by Susan Piver on Glad Is. She’s amazing, and this is further proof.

When you’re sad, everything touches you. You cry so easily. You feel things intensely, and not just your own struggles, but everyone else’s. There is no barrier. Your heart is so open. Though it may feel quite disorienting, this rawness is actually a very important threshold: When we’re open, we can be touched. When we’re touched, we can respond genuinely. When we’re genuine, we can love and be loved and our real life can actually begin. That is how important sadness is.

4. Every Time I Talk About Depression – Being Brave by Chris Brogan.

5. What I Have to Offer: “What I have to offer is me, what you have to offer is you, and if you offer yourself with authenticity and generosity I will be moved.” ~Charlie Kaufman

6. Life Isn’t Safe from Raam Dev.

7. The World’s Simplest Meditation from Think Simple Now. “If you want to know God, then turn your face toward your friend and don’t look away.” ~Rumi

8. This quote from the Dalai Lama: “Any practice that can give you more courage when you are undergoing a very difficult time and that can provide you with some kind of solace and calmness of mind is a true practice of the dharma.”

9. 8 Simple Living Blogs You Will Enjoy Discovering on Becoming Minimalist. I’m sure I will, once I get time to take a closer look.

10. Rocky Mountain Reflections. I think I want this on in the background all the time. It makes me happy–maybe because it’s one of the only ways I enjoy the Park, from afar (they don’t allow dogs on the trails, so what’s the point?).

11. Aimee Mann’s new album Charmer comes out next week, but you can listen to it in its entirety NOW on NPR’s First Listen!