Daily Archives: January 13, 2012

Joy Jam

What were the 3-5 things that gave you joy this week?

1. The plants in my CSU office. I am on the south side of the building with two big windows that stretch the full width of my office and all the way up to the ceiling, so there’s lots of light and heat–perfect conditions for plants. A co-worker came in my office the other day and saw one of my blooming plants, and the nine others covering that table, sighed and said “I love this. It makes me so happy coming in here.” They make the air in that space breathable, are a reminder that I am loved, as all but one of the plants were gifts. They give me the opportunity to care for them, a kind of nurturing where you get as much as you give (or more)–I water them, walking down the hall to fill my watering can, at least three trips it takes now, slowing down and taking a break from my work as I pour, drinking in their peace, grace, green.

2. Fruit salad. Banana, pineapple, and strawberries in a big bowl.

3. Time spent with good friends. The perfect sandwich at the Red Table with Chloe’, lunch and writing at Mugs with Carrie, the Rec Center at CSU with Sandy, breakfast at Snooze with L.A., and Writing Group later today with WILD. I know next week I have to slow down, won’t have so much time for socializing, but this week was nice.

4. Eavesdropping on a really great conversation. This is probably the best part of writing in a public place. There was an older man named Andy and his younger female friend at the next table over talking about the lessons he’d learned as a realtor–the three values of a real estate deal: reward (commission), a relationship (with the client), and a learning experience, (“would you pay $25 to hear a talk about that?”) and some difficulty happening in their church community, (“when you make friends with the world, you make an enemy of God”).

5. Dreaming about writing. Recently, I’ve been dreaming about writing like some people dream in other languages, their native tongue or one they are working hard to master–for me, writing is both. I’ve dreamed in French, Spanish, and code (HTML, CSS, and ColdFusion), but this is better.

  • Where have you found joy this week?

Small Stone: Day Thirteen

Small Stone: Kitchen Faucet

Smooth, sleek, silver. With little effort on my part, a soft pull on the handle, clear, fresh, clean, drinkable water, any temperature I want, as much as I want. I am reminded (as I am so often) that I am lucky, that so many others have so much less. I feel gratitude (also guilt) for my situation, send out a prayer for those who are suffering, and recommit to not wasting a single drop, a single moment of my precious luck, of my opportunity, my chance, my life.