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Joy Jam

What were the 3-5 things that gave you joy this week?

1. New Slippers. I already wrote about these for my Small Stone this morning, but they are worth mentioning again. I haven’t had a new pair of slippers in at least two years, and since I don’t wear shoes in the house and live in Colorado where the winters are cold, I needed them. I absolutely love them.

2. New Year’s Yoga. Om Ananda Yoga Studio New Year’s Eve with Sarada teaching, a softly candle-lit room and the twinkly lights in the trees outside waving in the wind. Old Town Yoga Studio on New Year’s Day with Michael teaching, Wheel Pose, and a dear friend beside me. Such a good way to begin.


3. 2012 Weekly Planner, Dream Manual, Inspiration and Encouragement Keeper. I made Eric a book for Christmas, and he gave me a new weekly planner, writing inside the cover “Jill’s Guide to the Best Year Ever!” His book turned out so well, I decided to take the extra pages in my planner and make myself one, full of inspiration and resolve and power. I collaged the pages using photos I’d taken, pictures from magazines, favorite quotes and blog posts, a reading list for 2012, etc. It was a six glue stick project, but so worth it.

4. Yellow Umbrella Tree. This is another great share from The Cool Hunter. This tree could almost make you forget about winter.

5. New 37 Days Website and Launch Party Video. Patti Digh, who seems to be everywhere doing every good thing this year, revealed her new website yesterday and did a livestream launch party. I missed most of it because I got the time zones wrong and only got to see the last 15 minutes. Luckily, she recorded it. I can watch it later, which I will. I love, love, love her work. She is an inspiration, in many ways.

  • Where did joy find you this week?

Small Stone: Day Six

Small Stone: New Slippers

After half a winter of cold feet and double socks, new slippers. Darkest green, embroidery that makes me think of Japan, soft bottom, and so so so warm. Why did I wait so long?

They just got here and haven’t even been on my feet for more than five minutes, and they’re already collecting dog hair. Welcome home.