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Small Stone: Day Fourteen

Small Stone: Group Meditation

A large group gathered at the Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center to hear the Level 1: The Art of Being Human (“Discovering basic goodness in the world and ourselves”) opening night talk. We are sitting, a few moments of group meditation before the teacher arrives. We have settled in and are silent and still, a collective calm having fallen over the room. Then, a woman’s cellphone rings. She grabs her purse and hurries out of the meditation hall.

The energy of her exit causes a wave of movement. People shift and stretch, cough or clear their throat, and a few check again to be sure their cellphones are turned off or muted. By the time the woman returns to her cushion, the room has once again gone quiet. I am reminded of how karma works, cause and effect, the way the energy of one person ripples out and impacts the world around them. In every moment, you have the opportunity to rock the boat or to row, or even to remain quiet and still, simply floating in the moment as it is.

Meditation Hall at Warrior Assembly, Shambhala Mountain Center, Summer of 2009