Small Stone: Day Five

Small Stone: Dexter and his baby

Every morning, while I make my half cup of coffee, after you’ve had your breakfast, you get your baby and wait for me.

You follow me back to my studio, Little D hanging from your mouth by one foot. When I sit down, you crawl under my writing desk, on to the bed there by my feet, and as I write, I listen to you chew the beans in Mini D’s legs. Some ancient and deep instinct in you must remember eating animals whole and you probably imagine the crunch of beans as real bones.

2 thoughts on “Small Stone: Day Five

  1. Trish B

    Hi Jilly-

    Love the visual of this post (and getting into Dexter’s head). Here’s a silly little sing-song to go along with it that I can’t get out of my head (because this is from one of Mia’s books that I have memorized, Dr. Seuss’ ABC book):
    Big D, Little D, what begins with D?
    Dexter dining desk-side on doggy dreams.


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