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Wishcasting Wednesday

image from Jamie’s post

If anything was possible, what would you wish for?

When I first thought about my answer to this question, maybe I thought too small, but then I looked back at Jamie’s post, at this picture, and rethought it from the perspective of “if pigs could fly,” which is an altogether different view.

If anything was possible my dogs would live forever, and I could bring Obi back.

If anything was possible no one would ever again lose someone they love to cancer. In fact, cancer would no longer exist, other than something to kick in the butt when you needed to get out some bad energy, wanted to break something or felt stabby.

If anything was possible those who were confused, sick, angry, sad, lost, and addicted would be whole, sane, healthy. They would remember that they are innately wise, kind, and strong, they would embody and manifest basic goodness. They would practice creation rather than destruction, rediscover that things are workable, realize joy through gratitude, and discover healthy practices to help maintain their sanity. They would heal themselves and then turn towards serving others. With open, brave hearts, they would change the world.

If anything was possible no child would ever again go to bed hungry or sick or scared. They would all be safe and well and know that they are loved. And in this way, they would grow up and make sure the same thing was true for the children who came after them.

If anything was possible there would be world peace, health and happiness for every being, no war or famine or sickness, clean water, a healthy environment.

If anything was possible for me, I would experience whole health for the rest of my long, happy life. Self-love and self-care would be my middle path, my regular practice and primary way of being. With an open, brave heart, I would first save myself and then help change the world.

If anything was possible for me, I would live the life of a writer and artist and yoga & meditation practitioner full time, with no need for paid work that wasn’t both enjoyable and easy.

If anything was possible for me, I would publish with ease, books and essays, and facilitate retreats, helping others recover and reconnect with their basic sanity and innate creativity.

If anything was possible for me, I would be able to happily and kindly follow every interest, take care of every need. I would live an entirely wholehearted life, with complete confidence and love, embodying and manifesting wisdom and kindness.

If anything was possible for me, I would be remembered for my kindness and generosity and wisdom, for being gentle and relaxed and joyful, inspiring others to be brave and do good by being brave and doing good, my whole life an offering.


I want to go to there…

Full Moon Dreamboard: The Full Buck Moon

When I got up this morning, the full moon was hanging, white and bright, over the ocean. I was surprised by its size, its light, and it felt like I was the only one, that it was just me, the dogs, the moon and her ocean. It was magic.

Jamie describes the Full Buck Moon this way: There’s such gorgeous, lively energy under the Full Buck Moon! On the new moon, as we began gathering for our dreamboards, I invited you to ask yourself, “What are my most powerful dreams? Who am I when I am powerful?” The Full Buck Moon is a time for stepping into that power. Now is the time to set intentions for bold action and big dreams, the time to take action and assert your presence in the world. Now is the time to take a stand and say, “Here I am! Here is what I’m dreaming!” Sharing your dreams here is a great way to start!

Full Buck Moon

The Full Buck Moon asks: “What are your most powerful dreams? Who are you when you are powerful?” It was hard to get a good picture of this one, being on vacation and without my scanner, and because my dreamboard was so full, it took up a double wide page.

The Power
Imagine having nothing to hide.
Imagine all you had to do was be yourself by doing the things you love to do.
More fun = does good.
Entertaining and surprising.
Immerse yourself in everything.

At home in nature, sit happens.
On the bright side, real shit happens.
Healthy self-reliance, sensitive simple laid-back girl power.
A quiet mind and compassionate heart.
Possibility, promise, and potential.

Choose kindness.
Keep calm, create.
Spread happiness, words.
Fall in love with balance.
Live your best life, a life you love.

Books have hearts and wings, along with kind words.
Life happened because I turned the pages.
As a writer, you ask yourself to dream while awake.
Women who make beautiful things,
transform the world as you transform yourself.
Magic and medicine.
That’s what the book is about: how we can bear what we cannot bear.
Love, loss, and what she learned.
The power of letting go.
Focus, harnessing inner strength.

The light in me sees the light in you
and recognizes the source of this light to be the same.
The weirdness in me bows to the weirdness in you.
We are all connected.

Your life, my life is a sacred opportunity.

Thank you.