1. Catching the sunrise. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes it is really hard to get out of bed early enough, but every time it has been worth it. There was one morning this past week that could only be described as epic, or as Eric said, “OMG.”                                             

2. Fall color. I think last week I said it was peak autumn, and I was right. This week was absolutely gorgeous and yet I can also see things starting to fade and fall. Many times, when I stop and look in amazement, I say to Ringo, as he sniffs the ground or chews on a stick, “you are missing it and you don’t even know it.” He probably thinks the same about me, how I walk right by the horse apples and clumps of green grass, and don’t even lean down to smell anything let alone take a taste.

3. Morning walks with Ringo. I am really enjoying walking just one (mostly) mature dog. He’s a really good walking partner. And even though he’d rather not, he lets me take his picture.

4. Baking. I baked a bunch of stuff yesterday, enough that I was able to share some. During this time of year, you can miss me with all the pumpkin spice. I’m team apple, zucchini bread, and gingerbread. I made gingerbread muffins with vanilla glaze yesterday for the first time, and while they aren’t pretty and I didn’t have enough powdered sugar to glaze them all, they were SO good. I’m convinced the kosher salt makes all the difference.

5. My tiny family, tiny house, tiny life. You know where to find me. ❤

Bonus joy: hanging out with Chloe’, my infrared heating pad, that corner of the couch and how when I’m not on it Ringo makes himself a bed out of the pillows and lounges there, my weighted blanket, fresh pineapple, the produce department and even though I know it causes all kinds of problems I’m so grateful to have access to just about any kind of fruit and vegetable I want all year round, the sunshine in autumn, yellow leaves falling, mums, green grapes, sourdough toast, gummy vitamins, hormone replacement therapy, the pool, the hydromassage chair, the sauna, training with Shelby and the gang, texting with Carrie and Mikalina, all the funny and sweet stuff Shellie shares with me on Instagram, good music, good TV, listening to podcasts, writing, restorative yoga, other people’s dogs and kids, reading in bed at night while Ringo and Eric sleep.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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