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Something Good

1. U.S. Poet Laureate Ada Limón And The Power Of Poetry(video) “This summer, Ada Limón was named the 24th U.S. Poet Laureate and is the first Latina to hold the position. Limón joined American Voices host Alicia Menendez to discuss how she thinks poetry brings people together, the role her stepmother’s death played in her decision to pursue poetry fulltime, and what she thinks Americans get wrong about red states like Kentucky.”

2. Murder to Middle School“I was 13 when my father was killed right before my eyes. Two weeks later, while everyone in our small town obsessed over his grizzly death, I embarked on a new horror: 8th grade.”

3. 47 Fall Soup Recipes to Keep You Warm and Toasty.

4. This video from Leonid Gliberman is what life feels like to me.

5. Fruits Music, “The biggest independent streaming record label in the world.” These are my favorite soundtracks for writing, yoga, napping, and staring off into space.

6. Shop Sebastian Foster’s Limited-Edition Disrupted Realism Print Set Featuring Works Reshaping RealismI think Sanctuary by Mia Bergeron is my favorite one.

7. See the buzzworthy winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competitionIn related news, The Ocean Photography Awards Just Announced Their Finalists For 2022, And Here Are The Best 40 Photos.

8. The Nap Bishop Is Spreading the Good Word: Rest on The New York Times. “Tricia Hersey, founder of the Nap Ministry, sees rest as a revolutionary way to push back on America’s obsession with productivity at all costs.”

9. Shattered Porcelain Fragments Are Elegantly Bonded in Kintsugi Sculptures by YeesookyungI can look at these for a really, really long time before I see everything they contain.

10. Joy Harjo on Listening and Writing with Intentionan excerpt from Joy Harjo’s new book, Catching the Light

11. Fatimah Asghar Is an Elusive Scorpio Bitch to the Core“The author of ‘When We Were Sisters’ on their writing process and unwinding their personal life narrative.”

12. The Fight for the Soul of Pilates on The New York Times. “Long after the death of Joseph Pilates, the exercise program’s magnetic founder, his disciples are battling over his legacy.”

13. Bisa Butler on The Colossal. “Brooklyn-based artist Bisa Butler uses brightly colored cotton, wool, and chiffon fabrics with bold patterns to piece together quilts featuring detailed portraits of Black people. The materials and themes connect American subjects with their African roots and tell visual stories of history and culture.”

14. Giovanna Photography“As a photographer, Giovanna Aryafara travels the world in search of subjects that awaken our emotions, invoke a sense of shared spirituality, and reveal our world through a minimalist, design-inspired lens. Her works offer access to the beauty of our Earth, inspired by her love of sharing the diversity of human experience.”

15. For Everyone Collective“Abolitionist clothing, art, and education. Created and produced by formerly incarcerated people and their loved ones.” I really want this hoodie, but it’s currently sold out.

16. Cheap, delicious – and only three years out of date: my week of eating food past its best-before“Some buy it to save money; others to save the planet. The market for ageing food is booming – but what’s it like and is it safe?”

17. The secret is folding: Grand Junction artist uses origami to quiet the mind.

18. He’s known as Chile’s greatest poet, but feminists say Pablo Neruda is canceled.

19. Konekono Kitsune on Instagramvegetable embroidery. 

20. Permanente Journal Says ‘Upwards of 70%’ Of Our Health Is Determined By Social Factors Beyond Health Care“If this data is trying to teach us anything, it’s that the best investment we can possibly make as a culture is divesting completely from healthism and investing heavily in social justice that seeks to end things like cyclical poverty, exploitative housing policies, unequal access to education, and racism, fatphobia and other forms of bigotry.”

21. A Low-Pressure Guide to Make Strength Training a Habit on The New York Times.

22. Oak Tree Roots Carved into Fantastical Creatures with Long Limbs by Tach Pollard.

23. Koalas have fingerprints almost identical to ours“Koalas are the only non-primates with fingerprints. How is that possible—and why?” I love weird animal facts.

24. Wisdom from Adreanna Limbach“It is a thousand times more powerful to come to a realization for ones self, through skillful guidance, than to be told what you ‘should’ do.”

25. How to Meal Plan: 5 Tips

26. 99 Questions For Reflection & Introspection.

27. Starting from scraps from Austin Kleon.

28. Good stuff from Andrea Gibson: The Definition of Love: A Writing/Feeling Prompt to Open Your Heart and Mental Health Tip From Space: We Are 99.9% Nothing – How feeling into the space in our cells can improve our mental health.

29. Seven keys to cocreation

30. How Introverts Can Work Through Feelings of ResentmentIn what seems like related news, How to stop stewing about something you’ve taken (a little too) personally.

31. Don’t Overthink It: The Argument For Just Starting to Write.

32. People Are Sharing “Cheat Codes” They’ve Found That Work In Real Life, Here Are 35 Of The Most Useful Ones.

33. But Can You Drop It on Your Foot? from Jena Schwartz. I love this.

34. 14 Subtle Ways Having A Toxic Parent Affects You As An Adult“It would make a lot of sense to me if someone doesn’t necessarily have a cognitive awareness that their family of origin experience was toxic, because there were many years where the pain or discomfort of it all was ‘their normal’.”

35. Meet the artist who creates fragile, fleeting sculptures out of nature.

36. My Woolever Friend on Instagram. “The life of our furry friend is too short. We want to create a memorial piece for pet lovers that can be kept forever. So here it is: the Woolever Friend. All our Woolever Friends are 100% handmade using natural wool material with love and attention to detail.” I love these so much.

37. Inside 11 of America’s Most Eerie and Fascinating Abandoned Locations.