Daily Archives: October 3, 2022

Something Good

1. Meet the world’s smallest bird: the bee hummingbirdI love this so much.

2. The Diary of a CEO podcast | Maisie Williams: The Painful Past Of A Game Of Thrones Star“Maisie Williams is one of the biggest actors in the world today. One of the breakout stars of Game of Thrones, Maisie hasn’t known a normal life since she was 11 years old when she was cast in the biggest tv show in the world.” She didn’t have a “normal” life before 11 years old, either. Beautiful and brutal.

3. To Transform Work, We Must Rest“Rest must be central to our reimagining of everything in our daily existence, including our work.”

4. I have a crush on Jacques Pépin: Jacques Pépin, at 86, finds a new way to express his love — of the chicken, and America’s most famous French chef on the ‘Art of the Chicken’ and a life well lived, and At 86, Jacques Pépin Isn’t Slowing Down on The New York Times.

5. Recipes I want to try: Carrot Cake Muffins and Cinnamon Butterflake Rolls. Also this whole set, 13 Over The Top Apple Recipes To Make If You Go Apple Picking. Pass me by with the pumpkin spice. I’m Team Apple.

6. A New Refrain From Artists: We ‘Almost Gave Up on Instagram’ on The New York Times. “Photographers and illustrators who once eagerly shared images of their work on Instagram are moving away from the site as it emphasizes video.”

7. TrueFood“a research project that unveils the degree of processing of all food products.” I am not a fan of categorizing food as “good/bad” but this is an interesting project.

8. The hidden faces of hunger in America. HOW do we continue to be okay with this reality? “Nationwide, more than 33 million people, including five million children, are food insecure, according to the USDA. No community is spared, with rural areas, families with children and communities of color disproportionately affected.” And yet, must our national strategy include “decreasing obesity and diet-related disease — such as diabetes — through healthier eating, good nutrition and physical activity” when the research shows that a person’s overall health is a result of a complex interplay of biological, psychological, and environmental triggers, including but not limited to chronic stress, genetics, poor sleep, socioeconomic status, “fat shaming” and the stigma of living in a bigger body?! Let’s make sure everyone is consistently fed, has access to good food and healthcare, and address the cultural/social issues that impact health, solve all of that before we start nitpicking people’s choices, m’kay?! If you feel yourself wanting to disagree with me, might I recommend the book American Detox: The Myth of Wellness and How We Can Truly Heal?

9. Interview with Standup Jim Gaffigan: ‘I never wanted to do us-and-them comedy.’ “The Grammy-nominated US comedian with a nice-guy reputation has warmed up for the pope and doesn’t swear on stage. But since he called out Trump on Twitter, are we seeing a new, spikier side to the ‘king of clean’?”

10. Charity invents shoe that grows five sizes to help underprivileged children and fight poverty.

11. Milkweed, Cypress Spurge, and Other Native Plants Soar into the Sky in Mona Caron’s Poetic Murals.

12. 8 Terms to (Re)Consider Using When You’re Teaching Yoga“Improve your ability to connect with students by using inclusive language.”

13. “Let the Bees Tell You.” On the Holy Bible (For Beekeepers) of Buckfast Abbey.

14. Why You May Need A Sunrise Alarm Clock, According To PsychologistsWe’ve had one for 16 years and I would never go back.

15. A Menagerie of Contemplative Animals by Mila Zemliakova Weave Textile Traditions and Nature.

16. Early Cormac McCarthy Interviews Rediscovered on The New York Times. “The Pulitzer Prize-winning author has done vanishingly few interviews during the course of his career. In these early ones, some newly uncovered, he is less guarded.”

17. The Greatest Nature Essay Ever by Bryan Doyle.

18. Bill Murray’s 20 best performances – ranked! “As the actor swigs with Zac Efron and Russell Crowe in new comedy The Greatest Beer Run Ever – and celebrates his 72nd birthday – we rate Murray’s finest work.”

19. My Grandfather’s Death Party Was a Final Gift to His Family on The New York Times Magazine. “The end of life is often invisible, shut away in nursing homes or intensive-care units. There’s another way.”

20. How to help victims of Hurricane Ian in Florida.

21. Sinead O’Connor Doc “Nothing Compares” Is As Powerful As Its Subject: Review.

22. This Is What Brown Noise Sounds Like And People Are Calling It Life-Changing.

23. Wisdom from Nicole Kalil on Fried The Burnout Podcast“The best way to distinguish between head trash and your inner knowing is that your head trash is mean. If you are would not say what’s happening in your mind to somebody you love, your partner, your best friend or your child, then it’s head trash. Because inner knowing may challenge you, it may say something you don’t want to hear, but it will always come from a place of love and kindness.”

24. The Dark Wood of the Golden Birds: “Goodnight Moon” Author Margaret Wise Brown’s Little-Known Philosophical Children’s Book About Love and LossI think I need this book.

25. Wisdom from Andrea Gibson: I Love It Here: (and no, I’m not wearing rose-colored glasses) and May Our Last Words Not Be, ‘I’m Sorry’: Thoughts on apologies, accountability, and imperfection.

26. How I Handle Panic Attacks as an IntrovertIn related news, As an Introvert, My Home Is My Haven, So Please Don’t Show Up Unannounced.

27. The Lost Art of Rest from Summer Brennan.

28. Gone, Gone, Everything Gone on Lion’s Roar. “Like leaves in the autumn or wood in the fire, all things pass. But, there is a moment in which we can see things as they are.”

29. Visions In Blue Illustrations on Instagram. Beautiful.

30. My new favorite word from Courtney Carver on Be More With Less: “Toomuchness is the anxiety of trying to keep up when all you really want to do is slow down.”

31. What’s Happening in Iran and What Can We Do?

32. What is Slow Living?

33. This Jac Ross YouTube playlistHis voice. His VOICE. His voice

34. Cancer is stupid. Here are some people who need help: Help the Sunby Family kick cancers ass and Joseph’s Acute Myelomonocytic Leukemia (AMML). Also, WHY, HOW is the U.S.A. considered a “first world country” (stable democracy, high standard of living, capitalist economy, and economic stability) and yet people go broke paying for healthcare?!

35. Bears don’t get diabetes. Understanding why could some day revolutionize treating the disease in humansHibernation is the key. See you next spring! 🙂

36. This horse can’t stop running away to visit his friends at a dementia unit“They fed him carrots once and now hilarious horse antics ensue.”

37. A Playful Population of Ceramic Specimens Inhabit the Imaginary Planet of Monsieur CaillouxWeird and cute, my favorite.

38. Man Turns Abandoned Tiny Home Into Dream CottageLove it.