Something Good

When we practice meditation, we are doing something useful for all beings. . . . With the experience of greater clarity, we learn how to bring happiness onto our pathway and can engage in meaningful actions for ourselves and others. ~Dza Kilung Rinpoche

1. 28 Days of Black History, “A virtual exhibition of 28 works that celebrate Black legacy in the U.S.” In related news, Honoring Black Agency & Black Joy. “Here at Facing History, we know that Black history is central to all of American history, and should be part of a robust teaching curriculum year-round. Alongside the lessons of Black history, it’s also critical to honor the resilience, creativity, and vitality of Black people in the face of inequity and violence, past and present. That’s why, this year, we’re celebrating Black History Month by honoring the themes of Black Agency & Black Joy.”

2. Inclusive Life Podcast, “for anyone who is interested in transforming their lives to be more inclusive, equitable and just.”

3. Jamie Ridler talks with Natalie Goldberg.

4. Living with the Dark Winters in Sweden, a gorgeous video.

5. Black Archivist “believes in the power of the Black narrative and that Black artists are best suited to tell the stories of our community. We provide the tools and resources for Black people to document the life around them, both triumphs and tribulations. We believe access to equipment should not be a barrier to entry for documentation or compensation.”

6. *Marketing Without Social Media* 21 ways to find clients and customers without using social media from Alexandra Franzen.

7. Wisdom from Abe Osheroff: “When I was younger, I acted because I hoped to achieve a certain something. Now I’m path-oriented. I act to get in contact with the best part of who I am. I do the work whether we win or lose.”

8. Belief and knowledge from Seth Godin.

9. PBS American Masters Archive Releases 1,000+ Hours of Uncut, Never-Before-Seen Interviews: Patti Smith, David Bowie, Neil Young & More.

10. Find Original Poetry Hiding in the Pages of Your Paper on The New York Times. “Creating an erasure poem means finding your voice lurking in another’s words. It can be a way to start writing when words fail.”

11. Black Lives Matter Nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

12. If You’re Feeling Isolated on The New York Times. *Spoiler alert*: write a letter.

13. Regular afternoon naps linked to improved cognitive function. “Researchers find that afternoon snoozes may help your brain function, but not all naps were created equal.”

14. An Unleashed Dog, Sentenced to Death After an Attack on The New York Times. Be aware that this is a hard read. In happier news, Women influenced coevolution of dogs and humans.

15. Here’s Why Introverts Make the Best Writers.

16. This little dude and all the good food he eats makes me so happy. (video)

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